Lots of new members - shall we do an intro thread?


Got a life thank you!
There seem to be lots of new members on here (which is fantastic to see) and I thought it may be useful if we all do a few lines on ourselves so that everyone can get to know us all a bit better and so that we can get to know the new people a bit better too.

I'll start.

I'm Flopster, I started LL on 26th June 2006 and have lost just short of 4 stone (well according to my scales and my morning weight). I took the scenic route through Foundation (in other words I didn't stay 100% abstinent) and then did a few weeks in Development before deciding that enough is enough and moving into Management last Thursday (so this is week 2 of management for me).

I am still wanting to lose another half stone to a stone but am delighted with the weight I am at because I wanted to be in a size 14 and have achieved that plus a bit (the 14 trousers are falling down now). I am now the smallest I have ever been since I was 17!

That is about it really, so over to you ...
Hi I'm carrot_tit

I'm 26 and started on LL on 8th August 2006. I've nearly finished week 13 but so far have only lost 2st 5.5lbs dispite sticking to it 100% (so much for my advisor assuring me that everyone loses 3 st in the first 100 days!:confused: ) However saying that it is the best diet i have ever been on and the only one i have been able to stick to! I only have another 10lbs to lose so will be moving onto development shortly.

I found it extremely hard the first couple of weeks and wanted to quit many times but luckily i had some good support at home from my Mum who has also started the diet :) (she's on week 5). Now my main problem is having money to buy new clothes :D
I'm Karen....started CD on october 1st & have never done a VLCD before....this diet is far from easy, but I love it anyways cos the results are amazing and pretty much as instant as you can get in a diet!! My goal is to get to 10 stone, and then see how I feel and decide if I want to lose more or what to do!

Live away from my family, with my 6 yr old daughter, and have told noone that I am doing CD....this site is my only source of support and without it I dont think I would have stuck it out so far!!
Hi, I'm Cheeky Mare (Anji) and I started LighterLife on 26th September. I have lost 24lbs so far and am delighted. I have had good days and bad days but mainly good, especially when I jump on the scales and I see how much I have lost! I have struggled with different diets for many years, you name it, I have tried it. Then I found LighterLife, and although it is expensive, its worth every penny.
Hi I'm Rachel, I've previously done lighterlife losing 5.5 stone, due to my own stupidity i have put best part back on :(. I have restarted on CD on 2th November and i am 6lb down so far... :) I have a way to go but i'm enjoying the journey and not thinking about food along the way.
I am mummy3(Jayne) and I started Lighter Life on 24 October.The first week was hell but it was worth it when I lost ten pounds at my first weigh in.I have put a lot of weight on in the last 6 years but I finally feel in control again. I have about six or seven stone to lose. I am not too bothered about getting to a certain weight but i would like my BMI to be healthy.So here goes 12 down...88 to go :eek:
Hi. I'm Melissa. I am just starting week 8 of LL and have lost 2 1/2 stone so far. :) Love the diet, delighted with the result but need to lose about another 7 stone.

I love the "headology" we do in foundation and I hope it will stop me ever misusing food in the future. Haven't broken abstinence and hope not to. Too bloomin expensive for me to muck around ;) and as I am learning to value myself I don't want to damage my health by putting weight back on.
Hi, I'm Mags! The main reason I am here is because whilst pregnant (my daughter is 2 in January) I had gestational diabetes and they now say I am at very high risk of becoming properly diabetic, but if I lose the weight my risk will only be a tiny bit more than everybody else.

I have been overweight for years and years and tried and failed pretty much anything out there....

So far I have found lighterlife to be fairly easy although I do have my moments. For now I am just concentrating on marching forward, determined to reach my goal and stay there. For my health, my self esteem and also for my family. i want to have the energy to enjoy next summer with my daughter as she will be running around mad by then (is now really!)

I am in my 6th week, I don't think I will be where I want to be by the 100 days, but I think a few weeks of development will get me there. Thats what I love about this diet that no other diets really have.... a proper end is in sight!

hope to get to know you all soon!

I'm Katrina. I started LL on Tuesday (Oct 31st) and so this is day 4 for me. I am loving it so far as it is easy for me to deal with. I live alone so don't have to worry about having food around. Can't wait for weigh in though :D

I have tried numerous diets over the years and have only just heard of LL. I think the idea of it is great and there seems to be a really good chance of maintaining with it which I haven't found with other diets I've been on. And at £66 I'm not about to cheat!! Can't afford to keep going for ever so am going to try my best to stick to it for 3 months and see where I am for maintenance.

Only 6 stone to lose!!!:D

It's really nice to be able to come on here during the week and find other people who are going through the same thing - as much as my family try, most of them really don't understand what I'm doing.

Anyway that's enough from me. :) Take care and hopefully talk to you all soon.

new members

:) Hi there, Im new to this forum, but been on LL since July 3rd.. and it hasnt always been easy... have lost 5 and half stone and have got another couple to go...am really feeling the cold now... it will be nice to share stories and pick up any helpful hints... hello to everyone....xx
Hello, I`m Ann. I started LL on 22nd July and am now on week 16 (I think!). So far I`ve lost 3 stone 4 pounds and have about 7-10lbs left to lose, depending on how I feel. I found the first few weeks hard work but I kept imagining how much worse I would feel if I gave up. I have gone from a size 20/22 to a size 12/14 so its been worth it. It`s hard in the last few weeks as you are so near your goal and it would be easy to give up. However, I have to say that this is the easiest diet I have ever done and I fully intend to take all the counselling I can.
It must be well over 20 years since I last weight 10 stone something - so it`s never too late to start.
Hi, I'm 'thinksize12' and this is just day six for me - weigh-in tomorrow ... wish me luck!
I'm 39 and married with two small(ish) children.
I have struggled with my weight since my early 20's and found Lighterlife after bumping into someone I knew years ago who has since lost 6 stone on this diet. She looked incredible and for the first time in years I thought 'I can do that'.
I've made a good start, one or two wobbles but absolutely NO cheating!
I've not really done 'forums' before and I can't believe how encouraging everyone here has been. It's great to get to know you all and stories such as Ann's are truly inspirational!
All the best to everyone
Well done anne2shoes... thats amazing... would love to get down to a size 12.. you must feel great... what an achievement... I think its such an amazing journey on SS.. you really get to face a lot of your demons... i did, which has been surprising cos i used to head for the comfort zone... well done everyone on this amzing journey..xxxx
Hi I'm Joolz - Julie. I started LL at the end of Jan 06 Until mid June - then for various reasons had the summer off. I never really lost as much as I 'd like to by the summer so have been back in development - sole sourcing - since 18th September. now 6 stone gone and about 2 to go!!!
I have a busy job and live in the south of England, and enjoy life. Never thought I could lost this weight (and this time FOR GOOD) after years of yo yo dieting.
This site has been really helpful. Got to crack that last couple of stones...

Joolz x
Hi Everyone

I'm Emily, I have 4 children and work full-time ( often away from home. I am trying to have my cake'n'eat but something had to give and in my case its been my weight. Have tried nearly every diet pretty sucessfully but cannot seem to keep the weight off so have yo-yo'd between 11 and 15 stones through my adulthood. I am on day 12 of lighter life - I have only had one stop in weight of -7.5lbs but that was on day 4. Due for a weigh in on Tuesday. The women in my group are amazing and it is great to really dig into why I behave the way I do. The site here is fab evryone's stories really give me goosebumps and inspire me. Isobels photos are just phenomenal - wow!

I have about 3.5 stone to lose so I'm hoping by January I'll hit a size 12 which will be the first time since I became an adult. Its great to meet you all and thanks for welcomes and the tips!
Hi I'm Jeanie,
I'm a 34 yr old Mum to a 7month old daughter, planning to get wed in March 07. I too have been overweight all of my adult life and much of my childhood.
I used LL in 2005 and lost 7 1/2 stone. It was such a transformation that people who had known me 10 yrs or more would walk past and not recognise me!
However, since falling preganant last year I put 5 stone back on... :(
BUT as I know that SS work for me I am giving it another go and started CD 6 days ago. I would love to get back to a size 12 by March.
My ultimate goal, however, is TO KEEP IT OFF!! And that's where Minimins comes in. I am hoping that by writing a daily diary and reading those of other slimmers, and especially maintainers, I can explore my compulsive over eating and maintain a healthy BMI.
It is a pleasure to meet you all and have some company along what can at times be a long, lonely journey.

Jeanie x
hi i'm katy, i'm in week 7 of lighter life, have lost 2stone. i have another 2 stone to go before i reach my goal of 8st 10lbs, hope to drop a little more in maintainence, but we'll see when we get there!!

so far the last 7 weeks have been ok, its starting to feel a little harder now, and to be honest the end can't come quick enough! I am determind to stick this out though and although i don't post often, i log in here to nosey round everyday.

good luck to everyone else with thier goals x
Hi I'm Clare
On week 11 or 12 - not sure. Lost 30lbs so far with another 28 to go, I'm on LL.
I'm 36 live in Berkshire & work in Hayes, Middlesex - well someone has to????
I fell of my programme for 2 wks - though LUCKLILY did not put on so my counsellor was kind enough to not inc these as 2 wks on the programme.
Re-started last Mon & here I am week later - my weigh in eve is Wednesday's.
Hi All,

My name is Kaz and I have been on LL since April I am still on Development lost 7 and a half stone so far. I started at 21 and a half stone I am now 13 stone 13. (so still have a few stone to go) I couldnt recommend this diet enough, the counselling is the important part for me as I think it will play a major part in keeping the weight off because I now know WHY I eat instead of just what I eat!!!

Good luck to all

Love Kaz xxxx
Suppose I am one of the new ones

Just wanted to add a quick post to introduce myself. I am Christine, age 28 and re-started CD Friday 03/11/06. I previously lost a stone, but moved house, and gave up the programme with all the stress moving brings. I have changed counsellor, and am meeting up with Isobel next week. My new start weigh was 12 stone 11lbs ( I am only 5ft 2ins tall!). This morning I was 12stone 4.4lbs. Going well so far.

I will pop in from time to time to stay motivated.

It is thanks to Karen1972 and Icemoose that I finally started this bonkers diet. You are both fantastic inspiration!