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Lots of weight to lose,il-health not helping- support needed

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by skinny2bme, 3 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Hi everyone, get your tissues ready!
    My name is Lisa, I am 7 stone overweight. All this gained during the last 3 years,not really overeating or sat on my bum all day, I work hard. Im a single mum and I am obese. Recently found out that I have hashimotos thyroiditis (auto-immune disease) which, Im told, has caused all this weight gain and how crappy and tired I feel all the time. So now this weight and size 18-20 frame is interfering with my work - on a ward - I cant do my duties without sweating and panting. So..great I have a diagnosis - I can get medication. Went to see the endocrinologist who took my blood pressure which was through the roof. cos of my weight they reckon, so now I have hypertension. I cant have thyroid meds right now but need to lose weight. Chicken and egg Im thinking?

    So, I need to lose weight as soon as poss so I can get my thyroid meds which might help with losing weight so I started a vlcd (with approval from my GP for 3 months) just to get my weight down a little. 2nd day of the shakes and I almost pass out in the street, apparently I cant do the diet because I need to eat little and often. My blood sugars were dipping (possibly pre-diabetic)

    So, sorry to go on but here I am at slimming world. Hoping to make a life change in my eating and get my weight down and blood pressure down hopefully. Id love some friends and people to buddy up with. I am not expecting any drastic weight loss but anything is good right now.

    Please get in touch and speak soon x

    By the way Im 32 x
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  3. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Slimming world at home this week, 4lb loss which I am very happy with despite a few cheats x
  4. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Ha Im not sure if anyone is listening but I am thinking of trying the 'fakeaway' prawn rice dish later...Ill let you know how it goes!
  5. DiamondSW

    DiamondSW Full Member

    Hi there, well done on your first week loss, 4lbs is great!

    Keep up the good work with regards to SW and I'm sure you will start to see the health benefits a lot quicker than you think :)
  6. DiamondSW

    DiamondSW Full Member

    ps let us know how the fakeaway was!
  7. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Hi Diamond, thanks for replying, hope to keep in touch. How are you finding it?

    The King prawn fried rice dish was ok but to be honest I think I made too much...then ate too much! apparently its free so hoping i will be ok xx
  8. DiamondSW

    DiamondSW Full Member

    Yeah I am doing fine, I've been on SW before and lost a good amount but this is my first week back on track! WI on Wednesday, fingers crossed for a loss :)
  9. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    I am going to meeting this week, Its hard though cos I have to take my children! 3 of em
  10. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    Good idea to go to meeting - is there anyone who could look after the children while you are at the meeting so you can have some 'me' time?
  11. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    Ill see if my sister will watch 2 of them and the other will sit quiet!! They're Dad doesnt help out much so I have to do what I can! I enjoy the meetings...it motivates me!
  12. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    ok birthday treat for one of my kids today, mcdonalds. I have some fries...all my syns gone in one tiny meal! I had better be good for the rest of the day!
  13. skinny2bme

    skinny2bme Full Member

    The eating is going well, but I am determined to not get weighed...Im an obsessive weigher!

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