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ProPoints Lots to lose: Trying to refind the wagon!!!!


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Can I be your friend?! I've got about 12st to lose, started WW last week although haven't had a weigh in this week as I had to work yesterday. I'm trying to eat lots of low point soup and filling up on fruit. I'm just trying to adapt reciepes to make them low in points. I made 0 point jam last night which is fab. The carby things seem to be really high in points so I'm trying to cut those out a bit more too. Tonight I'm going to do shepherds pie with quorn mince and cauliflower mash. Should be quite low in points and fairly healthy!

Good luck with the diet, what kind of things are you eating?
Hey chika

I honestly dont have a clue what im eatin yet! Am still findin it abit confusing! I've also been fillin up on loads of free fruit and soup! Im scared though that this repetative eatin will end in disaster! Am gonna look through my ww book tonight for ideas!

Your jam sounds amazing!!!! How do u make it xxxxxx


Girl on a mission
Good luck to both of you :D weight watchers does work and have heard loads of good stuff about the new plan, i have 6 stone to lose but doing discovery plan as feel safer with that but defo using pro points to maintain. xx
hey dappy thanks for your comment. Yeah ww pro points sounds good but im findin it hard to find foods that are quick and simple and low in pp's.. im always workin and rarely have time to spend in the kitchen cooking!!!!! Any ideas?
Here's my tracker so far! Anyone feel free to let me know if u think im pointin wrong!!!!!!

Friday Daily pp allowance 39:

Coffee with sweetners 0pp
Milk 1pp
2 Weetabix 3pp
bannana 0pp
Milk 1pp
Tesco mini choc stick 3pp
Black coffee 0pp
Dozen grapes 0pp

Bachelors chicken and leek cup a soup 3pp
2 slice ww bread 3pp
poached egg 2pp
muller light toffee yoguart 1pp
melon selection 3pp
locus biscuit 1pp
1 1/2 scrambled egg 3pp
2 slice ww bread 3pp
milk 1pp
beans 1/2 tin 4pp
bannana 0pp
ww bread i slice 1pp
curly wurly 3pp

Total: Daily pp used 37
weekly pp used 0
activity pp used 0
Saturday Daily pp allowance 39:

Coffee and sweetners 0pp
milk 2pp
bannana 0pp
apple 0pp

bachlors cup a soup 3pp
tuna 70g 2pp
2 slice ww bread 3pp
Low low cheese triangle 1pp
Velvet crunch crispes 3pp
special k bar 2pp
melon selection 3pp

beans 1/2 tin 4pp
3 slice ww bread 4pp
2 eggs scrambled 4pp
Milk 1pp
mini choc stick 3pp
pepsi max 0pp

Total: Daily pp used 35
weekly pp used 0
activity pp used 0
Sunday daily pp allowance 39:

Milk 2pp
chicken fillet 4pp
potatoes 6pp
Gravy 3pp
Turnip 0pp
Cabbage 0pp
Coffee and sweetners 0pp
Bannana 0pp
Apple 0pp

Heinz chicken soup 6pp
4 slice ww bread 6pp

Cadburys timeout (1 stick) 2pp
Tea 0pp
Milk 1pp

2 cadburys timeout 4pp

Total: Daily pp used 34
weekly pp used 0
activity pp used 0

Total: Daily pp used
weekly pp used 0
activity pp used 0


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Hiya Lauren,

The jam is good, there is a reciepe in my blog link below. Its just basically frozen berries and sugar free jelly. Just had a look at your pp and they seem fine although I'm no expert. Just one thing, the mullerlight toffee is 2pp. HTH x
i worked it out as 1pp!! but not the end of the world cause i had a few pp left anyway!!! must jus double check it!!! how are u findin stickin to ur daily allowance? so far i havent used any of my weekly or activity points! xxxx
looks like ur right chika was workin out 100g and a tub is 190g. whoops my bad!!! thanks for lettin me know or i'd have kept goin pointin them as 1 lol xxxx


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My daily allowance is really high and i really struggle to eat it all. I don't want to start having high pp things just for the sake of it. I haven't touched my weeklies. Although it's half term these week and if I'm not working I'll probably start eating!

I work out pp wrong all the time. I bought one of those green calculators which is working well though. Is this your first time doing ww?
did ww a few years ago and lost a few stone, tried lipotrim, tried xenical, tried sw but im really gonna try to do it this time!! how many points do u have a day?


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57, its loads! I think I've done that with mullerlights too. I like the banana ones but for 3pp i can have a cadburys choc mousse so no way! I think we've been on the same diets btw!
omg i think i could eat 57 easily! u can have nearly 2 fish suppers for that lol!!!

i jus love my food sooo much! and i comfort eat! evenings are my worst times! i could easily not eat till 4 in the afternoon, even if im up at 7 in the mornin! then i binge eat! chocolate and take aways are my downfall!

What about u?


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I can binge for england, I love carbs too much, I could probably eat a whole loaf of bread in one sitting. Oh and the takeaway which I adore. Cheesy chips and doner kebab! Yum. I'm just scared of having them and opening the floodgates. I need to go cold turkey and its hard to eat 57pp of healthy food if you get what I mean? x
Yeah i definately know what u mean! I have had a few little things wit choc in them and now im panicin that i wont get good results on thurday! even though they are in my daily budget!
i really cant believe how high rice is! was lookin in the shop last night and a packed of uncle bens was 10pp for 250g. which isnt that much! was so shocked as on sw u can eat as much rice as u want! i put it back on the shelf. though thinkin of it i could have afforded it last night! but was jus so shocked i thought it was really bad x


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I'm so glad its not just me!!! I get so scared cos I've spent so long doing diets where you can't eat different things. Just looking at carbs puts the fear into me and I get all hung up because i think that one packet of crisps will make me put on 5 stone!
lol i know. i think im takin my monthly too and am pissed of that it will mean im not gonna loose this week even if ive been really really good.

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