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Mummy of 2!
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ooo good one!

i'd pay my credit card bills off, the mortgage, buy a bigger house, new car, go on holiday, buy a holiday home, my own plane to get there, an expensive wardrobe (of clothes, my actual wardrobe would be walk-in of course) shoes, handbags.
obviously i would sort out family with £££ too and stash some away for my daughter and any future kids.

maybe a spot of liposucton, nose job, teeth done....:eek:

the list is endless:eek:

and most importantly i'd smugly rub all the nasty people who have ever put me down's nose in it :p that would be priceless
Haha yeah i was thinking after i posted my list is pretty small considering its 85mil!!! that would just less than a mil your plans sound good, i would probably buy my flat outright and give it to a friend of mine, buy a massive stately type home :p and an aeroplane sounds well good!!!

Prob a tummy tuck and boob job :drool:


Trying to stay positive..
i'd quit my job, i'd buy a nice house for my mother in the most expensive neighborhood of my home town in Poland, I'd buy tons of clothes for myself, get a driving license and buy a car, buy a new car for my mother, and i'd go travelling!!:)
Btw- thanks for telling me about the lottery- i shall buy a ticket, and will definitely win!;)
Hehe i bought 7 lines myself and in a syndacate with 20 lines so fingers crossed i win on my lines if not 4mil on syndicate i think.


Trying to stay positive..
oh, and i forgot- i will probably donate around a million for some sort of charity, and i will possibly donate some more money to give the Polish economy a boost:) oh, and i would give the city council in Gdynia (my home town) money to renovate our train station, as it's absolutely hideous. in total, i shall probably give away around 5 million pounds, so that would leave me with a nice £80 million for myself:)
Sounds fair to me i think i would donate around that the rest would go on me my OH's family and friends..... i might send my family like 100,000 to ask them to kindly leave me alone for the rest of my life lol


Trying to stay positive..
Would you all have to pay taxes on it like we would here in the US? It is about 25-33% of winnings I think so we would about get 57-64 million after taxes.
yup, there are taxes, and i don't think u get all the money at once... nothing is that good;p


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If I won the California lottery, I'd quit my job, pay off my mortgage, and buy a new travel trailer or motorhome and go travel for a year.
I jus had a look at the odds for the jackpot 1 in 76,275,360!!


Trying to stay positive..
I jus had a look at the odds for the jackpot 1 in 76,275,360!!
don't let the odds get you down:) somebody has to win, and it might just as well be you- or me:] also, it doesn't necessarily have to be 85 million, even a few thousand pounds would do fine for me:p
Hehe yeah to be honest 500 would do me at the min! lol


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I would pay all our depts off, help close family and friends with theirs. Than would do my big house up in Slovakia (would have to have a pool and sauna) and than traveling around all world and helping people and animals in need. we have done syndacate at work but i will get my own tickets aswell. and yes you have to be in it to win it.

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