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Loud bones


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Has anyone else noticed that when their bones crack the noise is so much louder now!
My shoulder bone cracked the other day when I stretched and the noise was so loud I was amazed! I suppose that 4 stones of fat did a lot to deaden the sound lol... but it really surprised me!
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I can imagine that it also surprised people around you too...

I had the same problem when I was doing LL and lost all my weight. Now that I put it all back on, I can tell you that all the fat around the joint really deadened the noise.

Keep up the good work.

There was a thread here a few days ago about knees knocking in bed once you are close to or at goal; the advice was to sleep with a pillow separating your knees! We have even more unexpected phenomenons to look forward to x
hehe this thread makes me laugh.

It's hilarious the problems that arise once you lose weight..... on holiday in June, i was at my lightest. My husband complained about hugging me in bed...... coz i was too boney!! how funny LOL x


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lol cracking bones, knocking knees, bony cold bodies hmm voyage of discovery indeed. I wonder what else we will come across!
I love this completely random thread!!! I wonder if we can compile a list of "un-official side-effects" from CD? Such as the noisy bones and knocking knees?
cheered me up :)


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apparently my elbows are 'pointier' than they used to be!! OH moans i keep digging him in bed! lol!

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