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Love this forum


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Yeh its good - im glad i joined the forum a couple of weeks ago. Ive found plenty of SW ideas and tips. Lots of like minded people that can help one another. Email me if you need any help or just a chat lol
Minimins is fab, I haven't been a member long and its so helpful, I do go to class but you can get motivation and advice every day on here! Everyone is really helpful and if you have a bad day there are always people to cheer you up and help you stick with it!
There are some great recipies too and you pick up so many tips for low syn snacks etc.
Tha only snag is its addictive! lol
I'm currently enjoying a cadburys highlights with a squirt of lowfat squirty cream for 3 syns. I never would have thought that I could enjoy squirty cream without reading it on here, I measured out 12g to see how much 1 syns worth actually and it's a surprising amount to stick on your hot-choc!
Hi and welcome to our little club. Hope you enjoy joining in the fun and have a great weight loss experience. Any advice needed, just post and somebody will answer your call. Any advice given is greatfully recieved. xx


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Welcome to all the newbies! The more the merrier! We're a lovely bunch! Come on Zoe, it's a new week, start writing everything down and you will see the weight start shifting! Are you going to class?
yup! well my 1st weigh-in is on thurs! i must have drank equalivant to 60 syns of wine then had mcds as a hangover cure on sunday! on a brighter note, i weighed myself in work 2day and it is showing 3 pds lighter...i dnt believe that is so!! as much as i wud love it 2 b true...i no all scales show different weights!
Not as much as I would like..... Lost 4 1/2 pounds in 3 weeks (although I did go over my syn allowance!) :(

Still, you've got to enjoy yourself haven't you? This eating plan has to fit in with my social life I'm afraid.... :D
well thats how im thinking...i mean it wud b unrealistic to say im not drinking cos im dieting cos in reality wen i do lose weight ill drink even more 2 make up for being a bore...then ill b back 2 square 1! even a pound a week wud do me :D

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