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Lovely Lunches? Help Please!


Always comes back to MMs!
Hi All,
I am a couple of weeks in and really betting bored with my work lunches... I havent really experimented (just been having pasta n sauce or ainsley cous cous... absolutely bored to death of them now!) and want to get some good ideas together for next week.

I find dinners really easy because I have my kitchen and all my food and spices to work with... at work we only have a fridge and microwave and it seems to zap the life out of anything in it!

What does everyone take to work (hot or cold) and what are your faves? Any ideas would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance,

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I make my own soups and take them in, or cold quorn sausages, chicken breast, salads, or just leftover dinners. Hope this helps


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I've been making a lot of soups and take them in with me. I made leek and potato for this weeks lunch, last week I had vegetable (literally just chucked everything in a pan! :D). Sometimes I have a jacket spud with beans or tuna & cottage cheese, sometimes LF super noodles... I'd be interested to see what others put cos like you, I only have a fridge and a microwave at work too.

(which BTW, is 1000 watt and proper nucs the hell out my food! lol)

The Ainsley Harriot cous cous - how many syns are in a pack? I've got plain cous cous at home and now matter what I try and add with it, it taste odd!
I have alsorts of things for lunch. Today I've had salmon with spinach, toms, celery & a dressing I made with quark, cottage cheese, soy sauce, curry powder & ginger, just whizzed it all up.

With couscous I make it up using marmite then add toms & hexa. Or I make a pasta salad, rice salad or potato salad. I also make quorn quiche or homemade soup.

I do love salad & veggies, with potato salad I'll often add my hexa.

I always have a yoghurt for afters :D
I love salad which is quite good for dieting ha!
Today I have pasta mixed with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and sweetcorn with a spoonful of sweet chill sauce for flavour (1.5syns)

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I tend to take either left overs from the night before, or I make a meal ready for the next day that way I dont feel that I am missing a decent meal!


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Left overs - but we dont have a microwave so i have them cold :)

Pasta mixed with anything!! lol tuna, sweetcorn, veges, meats, tomato. - same thing goes for rice


HEX asda pita with fillings

Ryvita with Ex light phili and meat topping



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Definitely leftovers!
Everyday i have something different. I have put down what i have had the last 5 days we have a microwave so i use that and a toaster but i am not a fan of pasta n sauce.

Friday - Sainsburys Vegetable Ravoli syn free.
Thursday - Leftover Homemade Beef Chow Mein
Monday - Homemade Spicy Tomato and Lentil Soup with 3 Krisprolls
Tuesday - Ham and Mushroom Omelette (i got a microwave omelette maker for £1.49 in Morrisons)
Wednesday - 2 Syn Free Morrison Sausages with Baked Beans on a slice a brown toast.

Hope this gives you some more ideas.


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My latest obsession is a baked sweet potato (easy and quick in the microwave and unlike normal baked potatoes in the microwave very tasty!!) filled with a spiced up cottage cheese- my current fave is Asda red pepper & sweet chilli flavour! It's yummy! X
I agree with left overs and salads! Sandwiches are always a good one!

I've been having boiled egg and ham sandwiches recently, orginally because there was a boiled egg going and I was running late...but they are actually really nice, and the egg is really filling!!

Salmon, chicke or bacon salads as well, i just dump whatever meat n salad veg i hate around ontop of some salad!

I made special friend rice a few weeks ago, and I took the leftovers of that to work and that worked really well!

I've been getting bored of salads and cold stuff recently tho so me ad 2 of the other SW'ers in the office took some dosh out of the tea money to buy a big bowl so now we can do pasta n sauce in the microwave! We feel this is a good investment of the office collected tea money! :D:D:D


Always comes back to MMs!
All fantastic suggestions, thanks so much xxxx

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