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  1. Mandee

    Mandee Full Member

    How low is too low for blood pressure?

    I've just had a check and mine is 98/60 which seemed to surprise the lady at the pharmacy as she thought I would be quite dizzy and faint. I generally feel okay aside from some shortness of breath which I have been having for about a month.

    I have seen my GP and had blood work and everything is fine but that was about a month ago. Shall I go see him again and get checked out or is that an okay blood pressure for me to carry on?

    I am getting near to the end and have maintenance weighing heavily on my mind as it is so close!

    Any feedback would be ever so greatly appreciated.
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  3. Goombagirl

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    Hi Mandee, I had a similar experience towards the end - I started to feel light headed so got my husband to take my BP and sure enough it was 88/60. I got it up over the next few days by drinking (even) more and having some Marigold drinks for the extra salt! I gather a low BP reading isn't medically worrying in itself, only if you have other things going on. I don't think it's rare for this to happen to people at the end of LL, so I wouldn't worry unless you do get very symptons which are a problem for you. I was willing to put up with feeling light headed to get to my goal!

    Well done on your weight loss by the way!
  4. cookey

    cookey Full Member

    lighter life
    A very low blood pressure can cause a few unpleasant problems such a fainting and dizziness and a loss of balance.You will need to be a bit careful about standing up to quickly,getting upright if you have been bending over,things like that where the blood rushes to the extremities and leaves your brain a bit short.Also if you are going to increase your water do it gradually(waterfall effect) or you may put your electrolytes out of balance.

    Just take care.

  5. glittery

    glittery Member

    I have low blood pressure. It's a good thing so long as it's not too low as you are protected from the risks of HBP (e.g. stroke); but if blood pressure gets dangerously low then it's difficult to treat and the risks are more serious (i.e. slipping into a coma).

    Mine has always been low but now that I'm losing weight it is getting dangerously low - I had it taken on Friday and like you, my nurse thought I was going to pass out. She is now getting some follow-up tests done and she has told me that if I feel faint then I should come off the plan. I do have some dizzy spells sometimes, but I have always had them and to be honest I thought it was normal - oops lol. I'm going to stay on the plan for now as I still have work to do on foundation and have a chat with a doctor once I get the test results!
  6. glittery

    glittery Member

    I just actually fainted for the first time in my life. Wow. Quite shocked by that - I'm seriously considering coming off the programme. I may have lost weight but I don't seem to be any healthier for it!
  7. Sandra

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    Lighter Life
    Hi Mandee, I also was very lightheaded and dizzy with a lower than usual bp for me so I decided to go into RTM and have been eating again for just 1 week. I still feel a little unsteady on my feet occasionally but tons better than I did. I did have high blood pressure before I started on LL and was on medication which has now been completely stopped. It is probably a good idea to go to your Practice Nurse or Doctor to have your blood pressure checked, rather than the Pharmacy. Have you considered going into RTM yet if you are so close?
  8. Mandee

    Mandee Full Member

    Thanks for your advice everyone. I fainted last night so am starting Management today.

    Onwards and upwards, eh!
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    Hope that sorts it out for you Mandee your losses have been fantastic I am sure management will work well for you
    Good luck & enjoy the rest of your journey
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