Low BP

Hi everyone,:)
Some of you asked me to tell you what the dr. said about my plummeting bp. She wasn't overly concerned but wants to monitor it for a few weeks and hopefully it will either go up or at least not go any lower. Otherwise they will have to rethink the program. She was more bothered about (cough) my being constipated, :mad: as I havent been for 6/7 days. She has told me to take lactulose each day. Interestingly she told me that too much water isn't particularly good for you, that my 2 or a bit more litres a days + shakes and tea/coffee is fine.
As I have said everyone seems to have their own opinions.
We did go out for dinner (I can hear the screams now!:eek: ) I had 4 glasses of water and they made me an omelette which I only ate 1/2 of. I must say it tasted fantastic!!:rolleyes:
That was it! didn't dive straight into the fridge or fruit bowl the next day!
Hi Anne-Marie,

Your doctor is right that too much water is not good.

I find I Do well on 4/5litres plus tea anything less and I do feel the difference.

Your BP will be lower if you are constipated and found Dulco-Lax works well...

You will get fibreclear from you local chemist and you can add that to your drinks and tea, it is tastless but I find this helps. I think it most days, which reminds me I must do it now.

Love Mini xxx