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Low carb v VLCD

not as fast, no - but it's pretty effective.

the differences are that a VLCD is extremely low carb, so you get in ketosis quickly and stay there. this does two things - it stops you feeling hungry, and it forces your body to use fat for fuel more efficiently.

secondly, obviously a VLCD has fewer calories. Loads fewer. If ypou consume say 1000 cals a day, or 1200 - your body has all those calories to burn up first, before it gets to your fat stores. VLCDs typically have around 600 cals a day. You couldn't safely put together your own low carb diet on that few calories - VLCDs are like baby formula in that they're nutritionally complete.

Ultimately, although i'm very happy on a VLCD, I wouldn't and don't go around recommending it. There's no question that it's an extreme thing to do to your body, and if you can make a less extreme diet work for you, then I think you should.

I'm just here after twenty years of trying everything else over and over and hitting a brick wall. Cambridge diet is my last chance saloon.
Hi baby cakes. most approved vlcds are 42g of carbs a day and you could have the same amount in yummy foods and get probably 3lbs a week off without worrying very much about cals. Although atkins recommends 20g carbs initially. dr charles clark's high protein diet lets you have 40-60g a day


Bouncy Castle
Really bad idea, tbh. The chances of you getting a nutritionally complete diet if you DIY are very slight. And while normally we muddle along with less than perfect nutrition, we aren't normally asking our bodies to keep working properly on 600cals. If you try and do it yourself, i reckon you've a very good chance of making yourself very ill indeed.
Hmm yes, i agree with spangles, nutrition is very important. if i was gonna go so low on carbs AND cals I'd wanna make sure i'd all necesary vits etc. low cal low carb wouldnt be very exciting, i.e. there's 200 cals in a tin of sardines (if that floated your boat!). basically what im saying is you'd be EXTREMELY limited with yoour choices.

have you looked at any recipes on the atkins board? i made a cheeseburger pie and it was delish, gonna make it again soon.
I am a vegetarian Atkinser and I love low-carbing but as others have said here it is not a superfast weight loss plan. VLCDs work because both carbs and calories are limited - and the packs are especially formulated to provide all daily nutritional requirements.

To try to DIY a low-carb diet of 600 calories per day would be dangerous because there is no way all the vital nutrients could be included. If you want a faster loss you might try the Dukan diet. It is low fat as well as low carb. I don't like Dukan as I think it is unhealthy over time and of course it is so meat-focused it would be no good for a vegetarian. But many swear by Dukan for rapid losses. Good luck with whatever plan you try.

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