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Low energy

Hi all, Im on day 14 of lipotrim, weigh in tomorrow as pharmacy closed Bank Holiday. Anyway, Ive stuck to it 100%, food cravings are not as bad but really lacking in energy. I can cope with this at mo as Im on hols and my schedule isnt too hectic. Im just concerned regards returning to work, when ill be far busier and need more energy. Can anyone give me advice on how they coped as I want to stick at this for at least 2 months but returning to work is concerning me. Is it all in my head regards low energy or does this happen? I love lipo and dont want to give it up when I return to work. ive kept a positive mindset about lipo and intend to continue but this is just concerning me. Im drinking plenty of water, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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i crashed n burned flossy :( on refeed now but feeling positive about it, my menu looks lovely and healthy.
week 3 ive heard is hard, i was on day 17 today, but unfortunately i took an ill turn at work which has forced me into refeed. it is hard workin on such low calories
I know, its tough, I thought we were supposed to have loads of energy on it. Sorry you felt sick today, I know Im going to find it very tough when back at work. But hey, we're still positive about it and we can take the bad with the good. There is downers on this but we can get through it. Youve done fabulous and good luck on refeed. xx


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i have a really really active job, climbing up and down ladders, loading and unloading 45ft trucks, lifting heavy things, running about like a mad thing, getting up and leaving for work at 2am sometimes and working 18hrs a day isn't uncommon (still working out how i got fat in the first place) I have been way more tired than i used to be and granted i have had some early nights (caught myself going to be at 7.30 pm the other day how rock and roll is that lol) but it has been manageable and i'm not tired every day. I am lucky though i have always had at least one day off a week just to vege out in front of the telly ...


Like a Renegade Master
but unfortunately i took an ill turn at work which has forced me into refeed. i
I really do feel for you that must have been frightening i would be reacting in exactly the same way as you, good luck with the re feed enjoy it x
Hi candyloss,

I was desperately tired up to day 16 and then something just clicked ... If you hang in the there it will get better!

I leave home everyday 6am, head to the gym on the way home and finally get back home around 7pm ... I did 6 weeks ok LT TFR and the last 3 I was full of energy .. Refeeding now!

Keep going .. You will pull through it!

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Thanks so much girls, Youve made me feel a lot better. This site is invaluable and is helping me stay on track. Thats a big worry gone off my mind, ta again and wow to be working so hard and still able to keep on lipo, thats some achievement. Hats off to ye, I only hope I can do same, this site is my way through the rough times and the inspirational people on it xx
Hi Ally,

Well I kept it light on the cardio side in the gym did a lot of toning, tummy crunches etc! Did my cardio in the pool ... found it the best way low impact but great for working the whole body!!

I did try one step class on.. week two .. Might have been too soon but that was way toohigh energy! I could bearly move after! So I kept to my own steam after that.

Happy to report my tum and bum are getting nicely toned (or so say my OH) just those pesky bits of arm flab I cannot seem to shift!

Good luck all ;-)

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I think week 3 is a hard one isn't it... i feel tired this week... i just take advantage of the early night (stops me thinking about food!!!!) lol.... and just ride it out.... i find coffee/green tea perks me up a wee bit though!!! But getting outside!!!! x

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