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Low GL index on foods



Says it as it is!!!
There is cals on one of those links i posted earlier hun x
I saw it hun - thanks for doing that it makes it so much easier when you know you can just turn on your computer and look up the cals

I cant seem to find anyting with the Glycaemic Load and Calories...


Says it as it is!!!
how come you are looking at gl hun? is it different?
Its the updated version of GI I didnt realise until i started reading the book. Basically (if i have it right) the GI index does the values based on whole packets of food (ie a pound of carrots) When realistically we dont eat a pound of carrots. The GL values are on actual portions and it actually gives you a bigger variety of food. For example Popcorn is High GI but Low GL.

Its the very same but different.


Says it as it is!!!
Ahh i see ...i have just found some amazing reciepes mmmmmm cant wait to refeed now ...but i have a bit to go yet ...bummer lol


on the up lol
omg that food looks fab, i shall be looking forward to cooking (as i cant ) lol , worth a go though when diet finished woot roll on my weight loss lmao

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