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Hiya peeps, have'nt posted for a while because for the the last 3 weeks My losses have been so low, 1lb, 1lb then 1/2 lb, yes i have been 100% and been drinking enough before anyone asks, the lady at the chemist has advised me to CHEAT!!! and have something to eat to restart my metabolisum?????????
What do all think, anyone have any idea as to why this is happening, I'm into week 9 now and have lost 2st 2lb so far, the first 5 weeks where great I had the losses i was expecting on a TFR diet, but not anymore, HELP I,m getting to breaking point, soory if i sound defeatist but without the big losses this diet just would'nt be worth it:mad:
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Hi Kimmi
Sorry to hear of the low losses,its disheartening isn't it.x
how much are you drinking out of interest? do you exercise? xx


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Hi Kimmi have you checked to see if you are in ketosis? If not then your body will go into starvation mode and reserve as much energy as possible!

Are you using a particularly sweet brand of toothpaste. Mouthwash could bring you out. Also what are you drinking. I switched my coffee to decaf and that seems to have helped with my weight loss although officially I don't get weighed until Tuesday :D

I would check your state of ketosis first and if you have not come out then maybe a change in routine would help kick start you back into action. However instead of cheating I would refeed for a week then go back tfr.

Hope you get to the bottom of it.

Good Luck xx
Yep, still in ketosis, I have the test sticks that i use every week and i am drinking 4 lts of water a day, exercise makes no difference what so ever. No matter what diet I have tried over the years this always seems to happen to me, I have a consistant loss for a number of weeks then, wham it all comes to a stand still no matter what I do, thought TFR would be different, I'm just bloody weird i think
Hi Kimmi,
personally i cant drink 4ltrs a day as i tend to hold onto it,have severe water retention on anything over 2.5 - 3ltrs,may be worth cutting it back slightly just to see if its affecting you too? i didn't lose at all one week and it was purely down to the water and as soon as i dropped my water intake back slightly i dropped 8lbs.x
as my nurse said we are all different so i am not suggesting you cut back the water too much as obviously we need to keep the intake up as much as we can but could be worth trying even 1/2 a litre less.xx
hi Donna, never thought of cutting back on the water intake as one of the first things people say when i have a low loss is are you drinking enough water,come to think of it i have felt a bit bloated over the last few weeks so maybe thats it, another thought is that i have been drinking more coffee than before does anyone know if that can cause water retention, l'll have to try cutting both down this week and see what happens
Yes i always thought more water the better lol but i took it too far,well for me anyway
I did the opposite,pretty much stopped coffee as really struggle with black coffee still so i just made it worse as coffee is a diuretic.
like you felt so bloated,i just kept thinking well more water will help til i was reaching between 4-5 litres a day,it was only when i stayed the same even with being 100% that my nurse started asking questions as it was obvious i wasn't cheating as my ketones were off the scale that she realised i was over doing the water,since have cut back i am fine again.x

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