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Low point dinners!!

I am having a bit of a query with pasta, i love tuna and sweetcorn pasta, what is this like for points??
low point dinner ideas, if u have boiled potatoes is 3pts, fill up with loadsa veg which are 0, then u can have chicken breast or escalope cooked in the oven for a further 3pts and for a tspn of gravy granules is either 1 or 0.5pt whole meal is 6.5/7 points.....not bad for a dinner dinner lol
also what ive noticed is that ryvittas are 0.5pt each, i have it along with laughing cow cheese spread which is 0.5pt per triangle (the low fat one) then put slced tomato and some salt and pepper on top....its lovely for a lunch and only amounts to 1pt per ryvitta so u cud have 2 or 3 of them.....thry very filling also
not at all, i love escalopes, they often do them on offer in morrisons...
i thought veg apart from greens was using points but obviously not...
stir fry would only b the sauce and meat using points then!!! oh and noodles...
point plan :)
if ur on the point plan then all yes alll veg are free and u can eat as much as u want too......have u seen any of the soup recipies, the point values are 0 for the entire pot of soup, and u can snack on this throughout the day without using any of ur points....also i find if ur trying to half your portion size if u eat a banana and a glass of sparkling water directly before ur dinner then u dont eat as much, goood way to cut on portion size....that was my biggest problem....just by cutting portion size this week i lost 6lb so its working lol


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hmm some of these lunch ideas are yummy! .. Ill be using some of these as i always get stuck at lunch time!
thats great! thankyou :) i hate sparking water though, been drinking stillw ater so could try that...gna check the soup recipes out :)
I always had a few ready made meals in the fridge, but low points i would have new potstoes, and turkey breast with sweetcorn, around 7 points and very filling
Starchy veg have points - peas, sweetcorn, sweet potatoes and parsnips but as far as I know they are the only veg with points.

I like to have a huge salad for tea in warm weather - iceberg lettuce, spring onions, baby tomatoes, diced sweet pepper - all 0 points. I have a tin of tuna with it (2 points) and waistline salad cream which is 0 points as long as you only have a dessertspoon of it which I find is plenty to mix with my tuna.
What tuna do u use or does it not matter?

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