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Low point lunches


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Hi all.

Have resumed WW after a long time of no dieting. Am online and have a calculator and some books, so hoping I'll get something out of it!

I am just looking for some low point lunches. I am only on 17 points a day, and I find that my lunch takes up the majority of points. I try and save 2 a day as me and hubby will always treat ourseves Saturday night and cook. So, what can I eat for lunch, on the go (usually have to eat in the car :sigh: ) apart from sandwiches?!

Thanks :D
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are you driving the car???!! If your in the passenger you could have a nice prawn salad.2.5- 3 points depending on if you have seafood sauce and how many prawns you have. I have rocket, spinach, cherry toms, cucumber, about 10 king prawns and half a spoon of seafood sauce with loads of black pepper, plus a ryvita for 3 points. just put it in a little tuppaware box, Ive had that twice this week, really enjoyed it.


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Lol No, I am usually stopped at the time!! I wish I could say your lunch sounds lush, but I don't like prawns and I am not a salad eater either - should have pointed out how fussy I am - sorry! :eek: Thank you for your suggestion though. I wouldn't mind making up a tub of something. Pasta salad would be good but probably too high in points :( I like eggs, any kind of meat, tuna, rice, pasta, wraps (all naughty carbs!) but I have just gone blank on what to take for lunch. Am not happy that the multi-grain wraps I buy are 4 points each :eek: I so wish I worked in one place, then I could have healthy lunches like soup and things I could prepare in work :rolleyes:


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What about taking soup in a flask? I make a 0point one with roasted tomatoes and red peppers which I blend smooth.

Its difficult if you don't like salad and are on the go. This week I've been having ham salad sandwich, bun 2.5 points, tsp marg 0.5 point, 30g wafer thin ham 0.5 points with salad and a packet of bob the builder crisps (only cos they are only 1 point each and are 8p a pack in home bargains! lol).
Other things I've had were couscous (60g is 3 points I think) with roasted veg. Jacket potato with tuna is about 4.5 points.

Lunches are difficult and I find it hard to get inspiration for them. Especially as you have to plan them in advance.


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I love Asda seeded pitta (2 pts), tinned mackeral (2 points). Home made 0 point veg soup in a flask. Pasta salad. Cous cous, can keep it in a flask. Mashed hard boiled egg with cottage cheese on ryvita.



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S: 10st8lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks ladies! Soup, hadn't thought about that in a flask. I also discovered WW wraps in Asda today at 1.5 points each, so at least they're better than the ones I used to buy. I also thought maybe a pot of tuna, low fat mayo (just a drop!) and onion - my breath would stink but hey ho!! Also maybe an egg mayo pot......I hate lunch!!!!

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