Low Syn curry - about 4 for the full recipe


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Quick easy and almost authentic Low Syn curry

1 large chicken breast fillet oven baked for about 30 mins on 200c fan / gas 6.5
(Or about 150-200g of whatever ready-cooked meat you have handy - or 2 cups coarsely chopped veg of any kind). Cut meat into bite sized pieces.

Half a medium sized brown onion sliced
Half a 400g tin chopped tomatoes
2 tsp crushed garlic
1 and a half tsp crushed/grated ginger
About 2-3 tbsp curry powder. (I used Schwartz medium this time)
2 tbsp tomato purée
About 2/3 tbsp oil (any) - important for good texture in the sauce. (About 4 Syns worth, or use EVOO as a hexB choice)
About 300ml water plus about 1-2tbsp for mixing with the curry powder
Stock cube (I used chicken)

Heat the oil in a heavy frying pan over high heat and add the onions. Fry until softened a bit and the oil has been absorbed. Add a couple of tablespoons of water and continue frying for 2-3 minutes.
Meanwhile mix the curry powder to a soft paste with some water in a small bowl.
Add the garlic and ginger to the onions and fry for two more minutes till well combined.
Add the curry paste and stir well to combine, then add about 50 ml water and cook till the water is absorbed. Turn the heat down a bit.
Add the tomato paste and stir well. Then add the meat, followed by the tomatoes. Stir again, crumble in a stock cube (or dissolve in the rest of the water if it's not a crumbly one). Add remaining water.
Turn heat down to a gentle simmer. If it looks dry, add a little more water or some of the tomato juice from the tin.

Let it cook gently while you boil some rice to go with it.

I loved the fact that this didn't go grainy like curries made from powder sometimes do. This turned out slightly milder than a typical Madras curry from my local takeaway but a milder curry powder would change the heat factor. It would be easy to tweak by adding more of your favourite spices if you want. I might try going korma style next time with a milder curry and adding some yogurt instead of the tomatoes, also perhaps a bit of coconut flavouring or a tiny bit of light coconut milk (more Syns)

Anyway, I hope someone enjoys it. I was so pleased with the result I wanted to share, as I always feel I'm taking from this site rather than giving.

Nb the Syn value is approximate as I do SW from home and don't have access to the books or the online tools.
Would be happy for someone to correct it if wrong.
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Hi marybobs - the ginger was something I wouldn't have thought of either, but it was in the instructions for a jar of pataks paste I had a few weeks ago, along with the garlic. It made such a difference to the finished curry that I decided to try it in a low fat recipe. This recipe is an adaptation of the pataks one really, but less Syns as the pastes are quite oily.


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Cool. Yeah I used to use them all the time adding coconut milk and cream. I think my chicken curry I used to make each week was at least 56 syns for the batch


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Sounds delicious, thanks for sharing, I will definitely try this.