Low syn exciting meals for 1??? cheap!


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with the shifts my husband works i often find that i am cooking for 1 atleast 2 or 3 times a week and loose motivation and go off track, i do freeze the extras from the meals that we have, but i am craving some excitment just now!

especially with the weather

laura x
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Lucy :)
apparently iceland.. a pound a meal and only about 5 syns each according to some posts i came across earlier... :)


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S: 18st0lb C: 17st9lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st5lb(1.98%)
i'm sure iceland do it too, ross spinach and ricotta caneloni is only 3 1/2 syns & beautiful and about £1

I love to cook fresh foods, i have a 2 yr old, any ideas for kids would be great too!


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I've got LOADS of the Iceland chicken fillets in gravy in the freezer. Free on red & EE. 6 minutes in the microwave. £1 a go.

They also do beef in gravy.

I'll have them with SW chips or mash or SW roasties. Once in a while with pasta or rice.


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I love those chicken fillets in gravy and have a freezer full too lol bu not keen on the beef ones. I have bought the chicken topped with mushrooms etc and they are only about 2syns per breast and there are 2 in a pack. I find these a god send when I am rushed for time.

My favourite meal though is gammon with SW chips and egg cooked in fry light. ALDIs is fab for stuff like that and I buy a joint for about £2.99

Happy Holidays

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If I now my OH won't be home for tea I make a big pot of veggie curry or quorn shepherds pie. Hey old age creaping in I can't remember what else I eat!

Usually my OH cooks tea I just eat what he's made, I never moan, otherwise he won't cook again & I do enjoy going home to a cook meal on the table. :p And it's always SW friendly, he's just such a sweetie ahhhhhhhhhh


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I have heard good things about these iceland chicken in gravy! and at a pound a box i defo need to go out of my way to get some :) theres an iceland not tooo far away but i am usually at work when its open as it isnt open late note to self make sure i go at a weekend and stock up! anything else good from there? because I remember as a student doing almost all my food shopping there since it was closeby and mega cheap!