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Extra Easy low syn puddings????????

i am in need of ideas for puddings, i have a real sweet tooth, well to be honest and everything tooth, but tbh i am looking for something other than fruit chopped and covered in muuler light, but dont know where to start, i nearly died when i saw a muller rice that i had got was 11 syns, i did enjoy it though :D so if anyone has any ideas they would like to share with me please
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There is a deserts recipe book - it's fab! I made some chocolate nest buns from it last week at 2syns each and they were lovely!

I recommend the book if you like deserts - it's £2.95 for 100 recipes xx

P.S FI cannot recall the recipe from memory (quantities), but it was basically eggs beater with sweetener, then add cocao and orange options. Bake in cases in oven and they go spongey and weird feeling! The filling is quark with sweetener and orange options. Put it between two buns and squish - were niiiice! x


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SW rice pudding (do a search for the recipe)
Meringue with quark and white chocolate options, topped with fresh fruit
Yoghurt scones (see recipe sub-forum)

Also check the SW website as they have a recipe archive that includes desserts. And the magazine is also a good source of recipes.


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make some plain cous cous with hot water and splenda

Whilst it's puffing up, make a Horlicks original extra light with half the regular amount of water and a splash of milk from your HEa (optional).

Fluff up the cous cous with a fork, pour the horlicks over the top, add more sweetner to taste.

Cheap and cheaty rice pudding!!

Also works with chocolate options or any hot sweet flavoured drink sachet.
thanks guys am off to tesco again more muller lol
In the One Pot Wonders cookbook there is a recipe for Creamy Rice and Rosewater Pudding. It is a nice pudding with a middle-eastern flavour to it, with the rosewater and cardamom seeds. The kitchen smells wonderful while it is cooking.
A serving is 1 1/2 syns on green and 8 syns on original.
someone earlier mentioned jelly, i'm assuming thats sugar free? i really am new to this
For breakfast I had egg pancakes with a tbsp of nutella and chopped bananas:

seperate 3 eggs
add few drops of vanillas essence to yolks and whisk
add tbsp of splenda to whites and whisk until soft peaks
fold in yolks to whites
fylight frying pan and add mixture spread out to edges
flip over
mixture makes about 3-4 depending on how thick you want them stack them up with each layer having a bit of chopped banana and a few splodges of nutella - very filling and super satisfying

obviously you could add any number of fillings you like - nutella tbsp is 4.5 syns
wow that sounds so good, may have to try that tomorrow :)
well i am now in a predicament, i am completely stuffed and still have yet to have any HEX a or b or any syns today and i cant drink a drop more than i have
i have just made the choc cous cous, either i'm really desperate or it does sort of taste ok..ish, i used mint options and sweetner but no milk, i suppose i have tasted worse and it does resemble choc rice pudding, anyone have any more ideas its shopping day tomoro :)
I am a huge fan of total 0% yogurt with everything! But last night stirred in the white choc options, it was lush! Have you checked out the SW website for pudding recipes?

Frozen mullers go down quite well too.

I just tried mixing quark and toffee muller then freezing.... a bit like toffee ice-cream... does the job for me!
ok i take it back about the cous cous i actually feel quite sick now, not good, not a good experience at all, frozen muller, how? just in the pot as they are?


Strutting her stuff
Yes just straight into the freezer in the pot. If you leave them in for too long they go rock hard and form ice crystals. I like to leave them in for about 4 hours so they go thick and creamy - think Mr Whippy. You'll just need to experiment to get it the way you want it.
cool thanks for the advice, i will deffo try that one and are they still free? so far on my list is lots of muller lights and sugar free jelly :)
There's was a really fantastic recipe for Lemon and Ginger ice-cream in the 40th anniversary mag supplement a month or so back. I make it ALL the time and the WHOLE family love it. You whisk one egg white, add 2 tubs vanilla Mullerlight, 6 - 8 tbsp. sweetener, juice of 1 lemon (or I use from a bottle) and 3 pieces of stem ginger chopped up. Mix everything together and freeze. After about an hour, put the whole lot through the blender or use hand-blender and put in freezer again till frozen. It does come out a bit more like a sorbet than an ice cream but if you like ginger, then it really is DELICIOUS.

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