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Low Syn Treats

dont know about choc biscuits as i dont eat them cos if i did i couldnt just stop at one or 2 lol.

have you tried the alpen light chocolate orange bars though ? 2 for a b choice or 3 syns each, not too bad there.

i like the kiddie type sweets like sf lollys, the cuppa chup ones are 1.5 syns each. little packets of rainbow drops are 2 syns and the sherbert fountains are 4.5 syns each and last aaages :D
ouu just thought of something!! have you ever made the mock ferrero rochers ?

they are lovely and only 1 syn each.

10 ryvitas
4tbsp slightly melted nutella choc spread
28-30 mini cup cake cases

crush the ryvitas and stir in the nutella, put into cases and keep in fridge till set. i kepp mine in the fridge and just get a few out when i need them as they tend to break up at room temp.

hope this helps a bit ;)


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I used to make mine with bran flakes :D Yummy (can remember the syn value tho, Sorry)
Just thought I would mention that you can buy a book in class called Low Syn Snacks.

It lists over 5,000 snack foods that have a Syn value of 0.5 - 5 syns.
I find mine very very useful and it is only £1.75 and small enough to keep in your handbag.
You can make quick mini chocolate cakes with 28g bran flakes, hot water (100ml I think?) A chocolate options your flavour of choice, slimming sugar as sweet as you like and one egg. Mix well pop it in the microwave for 6 mins and its lovely for 3 syns and it makes 6.,

Syn free rice pudding - 50g pudding rice.250mls hot water add as much slimming sugar and nutmeg as you like put it in the microwave for 10 to 15 mins or until all the water is absorbed, then mix in a vanilla Muller light and eat!

Or mikado all favours one stick is half a syn

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