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Low Thyroid - weight loss stopped

Hi everyone

Posted this on another thread but I think it got lost, so hope nobody minds that I'm starting a new thread on a subject that has already been raised.

Like a lot of others, I too have an underactive thyroid and have struggled to lose weight. Each time before, on WW, Atkins or whatever, I lose about a stone and then weight loss stops.

I've now lost 10kgs on Exante in a month and am now 2 weeks into my 2nd month, but my weight hasn't budged for the last 2 weeks and I'm beginning to despair and eye up whats in the kitchen!!

It's not that I haven't still got a lot to lose either. Just can't understand this plateau and it's driving me crazy.

I'm on 175 to 200mcg of Levothyroxine - I don't think that's a particularly high dose because I know someone who is on 400mcg and she's tiny and always has been.

I've tried adding an evening meal and that hasn't worked, so I think my body needs another sharp shock to drop some more kg's - anyone got any ideas before I reach for the.........?

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mine pretty much slowed up on week 4 but seems to have got going again on AAMW. Are you doing any exercise? Weight training is said to increase metabolism.
I also have an underactive thyroid and am on 200 mgs a day

Spoke to my nurse about the diet at my last blood test ( which was three days after I started) and she told me that this may happen and if it does go back and have another blood test as it may mean they need to adjust my medication while I am on diet

May be worth making an appointment I did not ask permission from my GP but told him this was what I was doing and he accepted it was my decsion after giving me all the negatives :rolleyes:

Hope this helps
Hi and thanks for the tips.

I'm not doing any exercise right now. Due to staffing problems I'm doing 2 jobs at the moment. This is not so much physically demanding as mentally cream crackering and very draining.

I know I should still try to get some exercise, but I really don't have the puff right now.

Will see how it goes over the next couple of weeks then and maybe need to get another blood test done.

Thanks again
Hmmm i have underactive thyroid and have just had a blood test after being on exante for two weeks. Will let you know what the dr says on Friday x


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I have an underactive thyroid too. I'm not sure if it's related to the plateaus, but I've tried to just stick with it, and eventually it does move. As the others have said, worth getting your levels checked though. Hope the scales move soon for you :)
Poohbear try and stick with the diet the scales will definitely move eventually - they have to it's not rocket science that something is happening behind the scenes although not showing on the scales - on 600 calories a day the weight simply just has to shift, let us know if you decide to get your bloods checked cos maybe adjusting your meds will do the trick?

Hi ladies

Thanks so much for your responses. Much appreciated.

The scales MOVED this morning!! Woohoo!
Only about 0.5 of a kg down, but I'll take anything at this stage.

I haven't been this motivated for a long long time - no surprise there, because I'm on here aren't I, trying to get it all off again. I don't even seem to think about food the same, and was telling my friend who was on Cambridge, that I even felt a bit nervous about adding a meal. Was I suddenly going to lose my resolve and start scoffing again? It didn't happen.

I'm due for my yearly bloods in a few weeks so I think I'll see how it goes. Mrs b2b, I'll be interested in what your blood test and your GP say. Let me know.

This is a brilliant forum!
Thanks everyone,
So pleased for you PB97, at least the scales have started moving again, keep positive and tell yourself it will shift. Well done.

Well no wonder i have been feeling very low of spirit and exhausted!!
My thyroid levels were really low and doctor has upped the thyroxine. Told him i was dieting and he said that he thought it was more to do with my recent pregnancy than a VLCD but he is going to monitor me via a blood test every 6 weeks.
I reckon he's just relieved i'm a 'cheap date'......losing weight under my own steam and not asking for bariatric surgery on the NHS!
Thyroid treatment is extremely touchy. Just a tiny increase in your dose could make all the difference.

Talk to your doctor and if they won't budge, make an appointment with another doctor at the same GP's office to get a second opinion. Not all doctors have the same knowledge of thyroid treatment. My mom went through a dozen before she got a referral to an endocrinologist who got her dosage right, and also started treating her adrenals. Good luck.

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