lower abdominal pain - help


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for the last few days i have had severe lower abs pain. its low down on the left hand side near my groin bone. has anyone had this. am not constipated amd am drinking loads, but it hurts.

It is TOM soon this week so could it be related to that? would love to hear from anyone who has experienced anything similar?

hope its not a urine infection!!!
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dont worry it happens to me every month,its your overys grumbling.lol....it is a pain but when your totm comes it is like a pressure valve and it goes away.ss messes with your hormones in a massive way and its a case of putting up with it i think,i know it is not nice but it will be gone later in the week and you will be fine by the weekend,hope this helps angie x


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Its not a water infection is it? Does it hurt when you wee?

Sorry to be graphic!