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Lowest amount of cals?

If you cut out carbs and any processed food that would surely help!
i lost 7lbs in about 4 weeks, i wasnt eating a tiny amount of calories tho, i just dont eat bread or pasta very much and what i do eat i dont eat too much :) how many calories did it say is the leat u should have a day? hope u manage ur goal! xxx
I know you're not "meant" to go under 1200 but I find at that level I loose like 1 lb ish every two weeks. While I was away I went down to 1100 and when I came back I'd lost 4lbs! I've gone back up to 1200 and since I've come back I've lost nada zip Ippity so I guess some of that is adjustment but you have to find what works for you. Whether it's calorie levels or leas carbas or fat
I was told 1100 to lose 1-2lb a week? im having between 800-900 at the mo if im hungry i will step it up a little but so far its ok. Im eating just lean meat fish salad and veggies no main carbs like pasta bread potatoes... etc
I've also just bought the 7 disc zumba so i shall start that next week and up it to 1000cals a day.
let us know how u get on! and i have just realised we are the same height:) another shorty like me!! xxx
let us know how u get on! and i have just realised we are the same height:) another shorty like me!! xxx
Will do :D!! do you also live in heels? i hate hate hate being so short and wear 4-5inch heels lol
aww! no i dont actually! ima boots person myself and im proud of being petite :D lol xxx
Im the shortest in my family!! and i've always wished i was just that little bit taller it doesn't help i carry my weight on my bum and thighs :(
aww :( well you wont do for much longer! bet ull lose loads following what your doing xxx
Hey hun! Im tall and fat too :( do you find that people will say 'oh you're tall you don't look that fat!' yeah thanks! I was on atkins which has taken the hassle our of carb/ sugar cravings and in now thinking of either doing a mini fast and going on a LCD or going straight to a 500 kcals LCD as I've got a *ton* of weight to shift!!

I know 500 might seem low but isn't the Cambridge diet around the same number, only a DIY one won't be as expensive!
hannata said:
DIY very low calorie is not safe and not worth doing. Its not good for your metabolism or your body.. Just stick with what you're supposed to eat and step up your exercise routine.
What is classed as vlcd?

Also I can't exercise much apart from sone light walking as I have an awful chest/ asthma at the moment. I will get back to runnin when I can as used to regularly do 4 -6 miles but even when I dis that , ate half those cals back I still sts, which would be fine if i toned up but didn't even look more toned


I can haz cake?
What is classed as vlcd?
think its less than 1000, depending on your normal allowance.

500 calorie diets are absolutely not safe. The only reason you get away with 600 on a vlcd is because they are filled with all of your vitamins.

The FDA recommends no less than 600 calories to prevent muscle wastage and any dangerous effects.

Really even shake diets aren't great for you long term, because it sets your body into only expecting 600 calories, so your metabolism adjusts to only need 600 calories. Then you go back to eating normal food and your weight comes all back on if you aren't extremely careful.

minimins don't advocate DIY vlcds for a reason

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