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Loz's LighterLife...


Ready For Change!
For those who i havent yet had the plessure of meeting (well typing to :p) I'm Loz and I'm a food'aholic, i started back in January and left at the end of April, I'm ready to start part two, as of next Sunday when I attend my first class!! :D

I'm very excited which is strange as i know just how hard it can be, especially getting into KETOSIS!! <- Hello bad breath!! :(

You're all more than welcome to follow my diary!
Good luck to any other new starters, re-joiners..... well done to those continuing and maintaining!!! ;)
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Ready For Change!
Thank you Lass321 xxx


Tough But Sexy X
Hey gorgeous, you know you can do it!

Look forward to reading your diary and following your amazing progress, you will reach goal before you know it!

Ketosis will soon be here and hunger gone along with the weight xxx


No pain, no gain
Hey Lozz. LOL at your first entry. You can do it!!! We'll all spur each other on. Hope your well into ketosis and feeling great.




Ready For Change!
Hello my luvlies...
Feeling a little sad today as I was suppose to start LL yesterday.....

1st of all I got completely confussed ((which isnt too hard for me)) as I thought I was suppose to start this Sunday ((the 11th)) which wasnt the case! :(...

...secondly i'm sofa bound do to having yet another ear infection! ((thumbs down)) I was sat in the NHS walk in centre for over two hours yesterday, it wasnt a complete loss as they've discovered i have eczema of the ears which explains all of the infections ive been getting over the past 10 years, so hopefully I can reduce them now we know whats wrong! ;)

My LLC has just text me telling me its ok to start this Sunday, which is great as I dont have wait 4 weeks! woohoo... maybe not so sad after all!

I hope you all had a fab weekend!


Tough But Sexy X
Aw poor you, ear infections are horrible.

Good news about starting next week though, bet you are excited! xx


Ready For Change!
I cannie wait... ...
I want to start now, i can feel myself swelling with fat, its awful!


Tough But Sexy X
Aw hun, maybe time to wean off carbs. There is nothing like that feeling of emptiness to make you feel good in a surreal kinda way.

You will lose your 50lb in no time at all. xx


Ready For Change!
Well today has been my first day back on the plan!!

How am I feeling..? Today was tough... about 2 hours after each pack i felt hungry and had a few tummy noises which is to be expected to be honest! ((looking forward to getting into ketosis))

It was nice to have a group session on Sunday, one of the girls from my old group had rejoined too, which was lovely to have a familiar face ((and to know im not the only one wanting more support))

On todays menu;
Breakfast: Porridge
Lunch: Asparagus soup - ((yum))
Dinner: Banana latte
Tea: Shepards pie - ((yum))

I've had 4x bottles of water ((750ml)) aswell as 3 decaf coffee's and a cup of tea! all in all a good day!

I feel one day closer to my goal! ((thats very exciting))
I hope everyones well.... x


Tough But Sexy X
Hey my lovely, so back on the LL train, sounds like it's going ok! You will soon be at goal you can do this, onwards and downwards xxx
Welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey
Good luck Lozz you can do it x


Ready For Change!
Hey guys....

Well today has been ok, ive kept busy so havent really noticed the lack of food i normally throw down my neck...

Porridge = Breakfast
Banana Shake ((hot with sweetner n coffee)) = Lunch
Shepherds Pie = Dinner
... havent had my 'tea' yet might have another Banana shake!

I've decided to take up another fitness class, I do Zumba on a Sunday evening and have done for about 3 months now, for those yet to try it.... Give it a go it's brilliant, there are woman of all ages and sizes in my class who all have different fitness abilities, and they all LOVE it!

I hate going to the gym, I dread going and never work to my full potential because for me the gym is BORING! I need someone to work me out other wise i'm simply there to say "i've been to the gym today" I've tried getting myself in to two extra Zumba classes this week but they're completely full with tones of people on the waiting list, so ive checked the classes at a gym nearest to me and found an aqua blitz class.... I hoping its good fun and not too hard as my fitness levels are shocking!

Night time is a 'trigger' point for me to raid the cupboards so tonights class ((7:30)) should help avoid any crooked thoughts!

I hope its fun...


Ready For Change!
Thanks Karen and Snoop!

The aqua blitz was great!

I was the first there and went alone... ((I usually take my cousin who is my partner in crime))
I was in the pool waiting for everyone else.... then two young men got in :confused: i got quite scared thinking "what the hell have i signed up for" Oooops :d'oh:
to my delight about 10 ladies came through the showers ((whew)) for a split second i thought it was a hard core weight training session in the pool! :character00115:

My body was like jelly when I climbed out of the pool! I didn't realise just how much i'd worked out until I got out!:character00116: ...
I must say I feel as fresh as a daisy this morning :flowers:....

I hope you all have a lovely day...


Ready For Change!
Afternoon all!

Well where to start... :sigh:

Last night i was craving all kinds of naughty things...
I resisted temptation, that however was short lived...

This morning I had my banana shake (warm with coffee) and proceeded as usual, i thought "I'll have a quick look on the scales" just to see if there was any change mid week?

I got on my scales which said -7lbs thus far...:D which is great but my head is still in reward mode, so what did I do? I went in the cupboard and rewarded myself with the food I had resisted last night ((huff)) I cannot believe I have let it slip in week one! :cry:

I refuse to let it bring me down, I've sat and thought why I allowed myself to deviate from the plan...
I have drew a line under it and will finish the day @ 100% whats done is done, i now know I feel like crap for allowing the lapse and know it isnt worth it!

Hey honey don't beat yourself up, just get back on plan. In previous attempts at trying to lose weight I always used to reward myself if I lost ( well I would binge if I put on) we need to perhaps reward ourselves in other ways, not sure what !!!
Chin up hun x

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