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  1. abbz

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    I'm Abbey (abbz), and I currently weigh 13st7lb (was 13st13lb, down 6lb already, how crazy is that?!). I started Lipotrim on Friday (8th November '13) and I can already feel the benefits! I haven't had any side-effects (eg. bad breath, tiredness, weakness), fingers crossed! I've already changed my attitude to food completely, I'm actually looking forward to refeed week where I can eat chicken and salad (a meal that, believe me, I would never have looked forward to before)!

    I'm doing this because I'm only 17 (I know Lipotrim is for 18+ but my pharmacist allowed it) and I've got my whole life ahead of me; I don't want to spend the rest of it being fat! At size 14/16, instead of being a fun-loving, outgoing, social teenager, I've been a miserable recluse. All I've done is indulge myself in food, including cheese, chips, pizza, and overall way too many carbs! My education, social life, family life and even my relationships is completely ruined by my bad confidence, which I blame mostly on my weight.

    My 18[SUP]th[/SUP] birthday is on the 13[SUP]th[/SUP] March 2014, and I've already agreed to go clubbing with my sister; this is my goal: to get down to 10st/whatever weight I'm comfortable at (whatever's lighter) by my birthday, so I can be a slim, happy adult! I live in Cornwall, I should be out enjoying the scenery and beaches, but I don't even want to go outside most of the time! I've made a list of some of the reasons I'm doing this:
    • Confidence!
    • Start surfing
    • Be Happy!
    • Be fit/healthy
    • Actually enjoy clothes shopping
    • Be able to wear more variety of clothes
    • Can comfortably get my legs out
    • Wear bikinis in Summer
    • Go clubbing
    • Not be the 'fat friend' (my two best friends are very slim despite eating more than I do!)

    Overall, I want to change my entire attitude to eating, and not have to lie about what I eat. I want to be a slim, healthy person with a healthy diet. I've got to think of it like this:
    I AM eating pizza, chips, cheese and God knows else right now, it's all here in my blubber and I am using it right now to keep me going!

    I love Lipotrim, it's easy, quick, tasty and fast! I will recommend it to anyone I can, because despite the price, it works so well! Not only does it make you lose weight (without exercise - bonus!), it changes your whole mentality towards food in order to prevent you getting big again in the future.

    I also love this forum, full of inspiring, real people that are here to motivate us, inspire us and keep us going! Good luck everyone!
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  3. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Good luck with your journey Abbey! Sounds like you're in the right frame of mind for Lipotrim. It can be really tough at times but if you find you're struggling pop on here, theres always someone about or just read the diaries, they are inspiring!

    I look forward to reading your diary :)
  4. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    Good girl, more power to you! I was around the same weight when I was a teenager too (plus frizzy haired with glasses and bad skin, oh God ahhh!) and I know exactly what you mean about the confidence and the reluctance to go clubbing - my friends were all skinnier than me and I was always the one hiding in a corner on nights out!

    I did Lipotrim when I was 21 and 13st 11lbs and it gave me SO much confidence! I wasn't able to stick with it for long (my Mom was my Lipotrim buddy and she gives up on things very easily lol). I put some of it back on, but lost it again with Weight Watchers at age 23. I'm 28 now, and it's been a struggle to stay on top of my weight, but I've never hit that peak weight again since! It's so important to have confidence when you're young, it sets you up for having confidence as an adult.

    Best of luck, you'll definitely be able to do it xxx
  5. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Thank you for the support! :)
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  6. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Aw, it's nice to hear from someone that's been in a similar situation :) I completely understand, good luck and thank you for your support! xxx

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  7. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Days 1 - 4
    Hi all,
    Just thought I'd summarise my first 4 days as I only started this diary yesterday but I've been on Lipotrim since Friday.

    Day 1 (Friday 8th November 2013)
    So I started Lipotrim on Friday, after going to the pharmacy on Thursday night to get weighed (195.2lb!?) and get my first week of sachets. I really enjoyed all the shakes (I have vanilla, chocolate and strawberry everyday), apart from the vanilla one when I tried to make a mousse. Has anyone tried to make a moose before? Because mine turned into gloop and I ended up drinking it with a straw! Anyway, I was feeling determined! And despite feeling very fanciful in the evening, I wasn't hungry, tired, craving things or anything like that, the shakes are surprisingly filling!

    Day 2 (Saturday 9th November 2013)
    Decided I don't like the smell of the vanilla one very much, reminds me of stale custard creams! Weighed myself and was down 3lb already (only water weight, but any loss is a loss and spurs you on). Think that when I next stock up I'll ask for mainly chocolate shakes and a few strawberry hehe!

    Day 3 (Sunday 10th November 2013)
    I've still been sticking to this religiously and drinking 2 litres of water, still wasn't feeling tired or hungry, but keep waking up really late in the afternoon. I think that's my way of avoiding food; can't think about food when you're asleep! Was down 6lb today, nearly half a stone! Over 10% of everything I want to lose. I'm so happy, already noticing the difference on my stomach, it's almost flat as opposed to sticking out a fair bit.

    Day 4 (Monday 11th November 2013)
    Woke up very late and didn't have my breakfast shake until 12:30, woops! Feel great, feel more confident already. Time just seems to be going by really, really slowly...
    Down another pound this morning, so lost 7lb in total! HALF A STONE! MADNESS!
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  8. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Ugh, I was laying in bed last night and my belly was rumbling so bad, I had to have an internal fight with myself not to run downstairs and get some food; part of me was saying to give up and eat, the other was saying to carry on! So I drank loads of water, told the bad half of me to shut up and went to sleep hehe.

    Day 5 (Tuesday 12th November 2013)
    Down another 2lb this morning, so that's 9lb in total yay!
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  9. Lindopski

    Lindopski Silver Member

    Thats the way girl , kill it whilst you are young - then you can post loads of selfies on FB without being shy.
    Let them see how well you have done and how great you look.

    Most of all - enjoy being young !!

    I still haven't stopped doing that yet haha :D and I am an old fart at 37
  10. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Haha! Yeah I should probably warn people about the forthcoming selfies! ;)
    I will enjoy being young! I've wasted my childhood being overweight and miserable, I don't want to waste my adult years doing the same :)
    Hehe good on you! x
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  11. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    well done on abbz on tackling it now. we've most of us on here been fighting our weight for years so if you can nip it in the bud, good on you :)

    sounds like your in a great frame of mind too for doing LT so im sure you will sail through it no problem. any questions ask away btw, thats what we're here for to support one another :)

    h x
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  12. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Thank you! I've tried cutting out fat and lowering calories and exercising before but it's never worked very well! :( And yeah I will do, I love the support and inspiration from everyone here! :) Thank you, again x
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  13. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Day 5 Continued (Tuesday 12th November 2013)
    Doing well but even though I've lost 9lbs I don't look or feel any different, is this normal?

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  14. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    Yes it is. I've done 4 weeks and don't feel any different so did some side by side photos as a comparison and can only see it that way. My clothes are fitting better now so that proves it, but yes I'd say after years or seeing yourself a certain way in the mirror it's hard to accept the new person starring back at you. It will take time and others will notice before you do, but stick with it as all if a sudden you'll start noticing things fit better, seem easier and don't make you out of breath like before.
  15. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    I suppose so! Well done for getting through 4 weeks :) I suppose it's only been a few days so I shouldn't expect too much, I just hope I start noticing soon
    Thank you
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  16. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    Don't hold your breath as like I say everyone else will notice before you do.
  17. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Yeah I suppose so, I think most of the weight was water anyway
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  18. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    But from here on in all of your losses will be fat. How good does that feels knowing every little drop is some more fat gone.
  19. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Feels amazing! But I have a long long way to go
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  20. Kuromi Jenkins

    Kuromi Jenkins Silver Member

    But just remember every day you stay 100% is one day closer to goal. Even a day of STS is still progress
  21. abbz

    abbz Silver Member

    Yeah, before LT i just kept getting heavier and heavier, I've never lost any weight so even 9lb is good, even though I can't see/feel it
    I'm pretty excited for when I start reaching mini goals and noticing the difference :)
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