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LT nooob.....


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i did slimming world and i lost a stone earlier in the year but ive fallen off the waggon and i just cant stop nibbling....

ive been reading these forums for ages now and i decided that LT is for me
i dont mind the shakes diets and as i have a goal to aim for and the determination to do this i signed up with my pharmacy last friday.

i go to collect my shakes today, and get weighed in..
ive been practicing by drinking lots and lots of water as im not a big drinker, and i dont really like tea or coffee.

hopefully i start tomorrow with my LT shakes, and weigh in every wed....

i fly out to new york in 16 weeks time, and i ~really~ want to have my pictures taken there... i wont allow my picture taken now, because of my size... i think i will weigh in at 17stone exactly... we shall see.

My aim is to loose 4 stones ish and refeed... to wear a nice posh slinky dress when i have a night out in newyork....

Fingers crossed.

cmon tomorrow.. im excited and cant wait to start...

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Good luck with it hun - and well done for making the step into the mad world of LT! Keep your water intake up and you'll be fine - and you have an aim which always helps. Remember we are all here to support you on your way to becoming a skinny minnie! x
Congrats for taking the first step to a newer you:)
There's plenty sharing the journey with you - Best of luck with week 1


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Hiya, welcome to this fab site.....hope the weigh in went ok....dont forget to take your measurements too, sometimes you may have a smaller than expected loss, but inch loss is great....

Good luck for your start xx


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oo weigh in was as expected although im 3 cm taller than i thought... giving me a better bmi...


im excited about tomorrow.
cant wait to get going and see the weight drop off..............

i know it will.. i have faith in me.


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ok my first day and ive so far had the venilla shake.. (liked that one) then a liter of water...

i was strict i didnt allow myself to have the strawberry shake for lunch until id had all the water ( liked the strawberry one too)

then i went shopping in tescos and it was horrid.. i wanted to get things to eat.. but i was shopping for my boys tea

i have another liter to drink then i can have my soup for tonight .. any tips for the soup please ? ive heard its not that nice.....

so far so good though at home im fine.. :p

its tescos thats the problem......:mad:
I quite like the soup but I always add pepper and a touch of paprika to make it a bit more exciting. It feels more like a meal than any of the other shakes! x


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soup was nice....

better than i thought, but i made it to hot and i was starving by 6pm

im hungry again now.. but.. i didnt cave on....first day down.....

tomorrows another day...



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day 2 100% and not as bad as day one... i wasnt hungry much ....

its teatimes that get me.

day 3 woke up today and i feel great...
wiiiiiiiiii :p
in such a good mood, put on a little bit make up and i feel fantastic. :8855:

dunno if its this diet but i feel good......


Back on the diet train...
welcome hun, good luck on ur LT journey. its great once u hit ketosis an that 1st weigh in is such a buzz. i never got that feelin from food. ;)

av sum distractions ready hun an keep drinkin the water.

Well done nix, i'm glad it's going well. It does get easier doesn't it. I'm like you as in my mood is great!! I'm feeling lighter and happier and full of life today (day 6).
Here's to be skinny mini's before we know it!!


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6 Days down, still 100%.....

I cant believe i made it to the seventh day, surviving fish and chips and two bbq's one family picnic....and im feeling ok.. not hungry or anything ......

i have a problem though my chemist doesnt stock these products and i ordered them last friday the chemist said they should be here today.. but my shakes run out today... and its been bank holiday yesterday, so post might be delayed.

if they dont arrive what am i gonna do..?

can you just have a day without food or should i save the soup from tonight to help me out tomorrow....


I will call in my chemist today and hope they have arrived and i will go back tomorrow for my first weigh in....

fingers crossed.. i feel thinner anyways and my clothes all seem a little baggier....
hopefully i will have lost...
I'd say go to another chemist and explain to them what's happened, surely it can't be good to have nothing... Finished my first day today and found the drinks aren't to scrummy but hey, at least i won't feel like drinking the whole bag at once... Found it relatively easy and feel really thirsty so having lots of water hasn't been a problem a problem (6 litres) :7834: good luck on your weigh in can't wait to see my ticker going up...


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My lipotrim didnt come and i had a panick.....:(

i phoned the chemist and all they had where emergency flapjacks....:confused:

I bought three of them

Im having one for tea and one for breakfast
and the soup that i would have had for tea for my lunch tomorrow

hopefully my shakes will be here then.. and i will sub out the last flapjack for a breakfast next week...

all i can say is the flapjacks smell really bad... but they taste a hellova lot worse than they smell... :jelous:

I ~totally~ understand why they are known as emergency ones.....:rolleyes:

Blast them bank holidays for messing with my shakes....

Still weigh day tomorrow morning .. woohoo........


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first weigh in and ............................................................................................

10lbs wooohoooo :8855:
im so happy rawr
What an inspiration nix, nearly a stone well done! Feel brilliant today, tried the strawberry shake, it was delicious could happily live on it for 3 months :character00238:


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second weigh in tomorrow

i gotta admit i secretly want 5lbs off
to make me an even 16 stone
then id have lost 15lbs in two weeks.

we shall see i think i might but a gut tonight to try and squeeze off that extra lb...

will post tomorrow when i know the results...


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Good luck with weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed you get your 5lbs:fingerscrossed:
hey!!! Good luck for the weigh in, I really hope you get your 5lbs off.......cant wait2hear x


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Second weigyh in and 5lbs off .. rawr com im so happy..:rolleyes:

15lbs in two weeks and my clothes are starting to get baggy and people are noticing.. this is all i need to keep me going....:p