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LT returnee just saying Hi

Hi everyone, back in 2007 I did LT for 11 weeks without a single cheat and lost 4 stones.
It was hard but the best i'd felt for many a long year. I slept better, had more confidence, laughed more and enjoyed my clothes.
Sadly over the next couple of years I slipped back into bad habits. It's taken me a couple of months to reach the decision to come back but I want to feel like that again. At 19st 10lbs i'm almost exactly the same weight as at the start in '07 so here goes.
Today is day 3 of TFR for me and yes its hard, not helped by the fact that it is my sons 22nd birthday and the family and partners are all next door enjoying a steak meal whilst I type.
I was an active participant in the forum before (btw it was a different one then but as my browser directs me here I assume its the same one??), and didnt think I could face going through telling the 'life story' bit again.
So I intended to just browse for inspiration and not register, that was until I read Betsy Botox's sticky post above....
WOW inspirational or what?
Anyway thats me for now, good luck all, sorry it ain't luck it's graft/determination and it seems like you all have it.
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Hi Pete and welcome x
Hi Pete. Lots of luck :)
Hats off to you Pete for having the guts to embark on this for a second time. Good luck with it.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Pete well done on your previous efforts. It proves you have what it takes to stay the distance on TFR. you will get the weight off again. You know the drill, so keep busy, drink loads of water and watch the scales plummet. Good luck
Hi Pete, welcome back and here's to success second time round......I did it once before too, back in 1997! Tbh nothing's changed! X
Hi Pete,
Hope your first week is going ok? I am like you - a returnee. I feel embarassed and upset with myself that I have let the weight come back after working hard to lose three stones. Still, at least we are both taking control again and know from experience that this diet works.
Hope you have a good weight loss this week and it will help to keep you motivated and away from the steak!
Hi Pete. Sounds like this is the right diet for you. It obviously worked back in 2007 and you're older and wiser now, right?! Best of luck. Hope your first week is going well. :cry:
Jessie-Older, don't know about the wiser!
GAMK-Glad to see you are giving it another go.
Ist weigh in today and i'm gobsmacked (I have gone 8 days instead of 7 on account of starting on a Sunday) a full stone, yep 14 pounds in 8 days.
So pleased!
Pete - thats awesome!!! You must be so pleased with yourself ??

Keep up the good work and you will go far!!! And at least now you know how easy it is to slip back on..... those eating habits have to change for life. Or thats what i keep telling myself :)
Can anyone offer some support I haven on lipotrim 100% TFR for 4 weeks now and have lost 17lb I have only lost 2 this week and last week and cannot understand why. This has left me feeling very disappointed and as a result has made the last 2 weeks so much harder for me.
Could it be totm?? You will retain water and weight loss may be lower that week but will catch up the week after??
Dont be dis-heartened by a bad week.... stay on track and it will come off :)
Tayleigh, you've been on LT for longer than me so I don't feel I give you any advice. Are you managing to drink all the water needed? Have you tried one of those ketostix? Your body might just be adjusting so don't lose heart. Average out your loss over 4 weeks: you've lost loads! ;)
Tayleigh. Your doing really well, you have lost over a stone in a month? I think the average is a 2-3lb loss each week,so don't be disheartened, you are doing great! :)
Tayleigh you're perfectly on track so don't worry! Look at my losses below, for instance, some weeks were much better than others but they balanced out at the end. Don't get disheartened, write down some mini goals and record your losses every week to remind yourself just how far you've come.

Good luck x
well done Pete :)
Hey Pete, my story is exactly the same as yours! Success in 2008, back now to make amends for accumulated errors in the last 18 months, having maintained for 2 years. Good luck mate! Hope we have the same results second time around!

I have tried a few time sto get back on 100%, but failed, seems so much harder second time. But mindset right this time, determined to do it!!
Hi Pete - wishing you success xx

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