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LT to low carb - does this sound ok?


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Im currently on LT 100% ive been on this for 9days, and aim to stay on it for 21 days. After this period i want to slow my weight loss, and switch to a low carb diet (think im a carb addict, so low carb will do me the world of good)
Im aware during maint stage of atkins 20g of carbs is recommended to start ketosis, and approx 60g (obv person dependant) to maintain. According to the info with LT im having 59.4g of carbs (daily with x2 shakes) my thinking is id like to carry on having 1 shake a day (29.7g carbs for breakfast) continue having mainly water and black coffee, but introducing a dinner and an evening meal (a bit like the refeed on LT) but keeping the carbs below a daily total of 59g - mainly eating meat & fish but having salad for my carbs, this way i should stay in ketosis and produce ketones but still carry on burning fat - albeit at a slower pace
I have ketostix so i can check daily if in in ketosis.
Does this sound feasible?
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Hi Collo...

The difference with ketosis on VLCD is the fact that your calorie are so restricted is what puts you into ketosis.. with low carbing is the restriction of carbs that puts you into ketosis.

So there is no guarantee that you'd stay in ketosis having that amount of carbs but a higher calorie count, as long as your calories where below yr BMR then you would still continue to loose weight but you may not be in ketosis whilst doing it.

Does that make sense??


Kewl as a penguins hoop!!
ahhh makes sense, i thought they were both based on low carbs.
So rather than basing it on same ammount of carbs im currently on with LT i should finish LT anfd then start on low carbs as a whole new diet?

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