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Lucid Dreaming

Have any of you ever done lucid dreaming?

I love it when it happens, the ability to manipulate my own dreams, cracking stuff lol.

My psychology teacher back in college first made me aware of it, and gave me notes on how to train myself to do it... and I successfully did :)

More info:

Lucid dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apparently also there was some research a few years back about trying lucid techniques to help people who suffer from frequent nightmares.
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Carpe diem, baby!
Yep, could do it more often when younger and they were mostly (ashamedly perhaps) of the erotic kind...er...they still tend to be if I try for one now...but it doesn't work as often as it used to...
I haven't done it in a long time (lucid dreaming I mean lol) so might try and fire myself up for some soon.

Mine were mostly flying dreams... dagnammit, I love flying dreams...


Carpe diem, baby!
Mine were mostly flying dreams... dagnammit, I love flying dreams...
The best! Scary but awesome! Although I don't do the Superman thing, I swim when I fly, er....
My technique involves waving my legs to get myself to take off.

I used to dream that I was back at school, and would fly and feel very good that I could do something my other school mates/enemies could not lol
i haven't ever managed to train myself to do this. at the moment i would spend all my time scoffing in my dreams i think!! ha.

abz xx
lol i generally scoff in my dreams then panic because i think its real, and in perfect dream fiction, my stomach is the abyss!

I used to lucid dream all the time when i was younger, i loved it, i also use to control when i woke up and i remember once i made a hallway to walk through and when i got to the end i would be awake. but as i was walking through, i slowly got more aware of reality and my arms started tingling and i could slowly control more of my body whilst still in the hallway.


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Excellent thread - i'm really into dreams at the moment, I make a dream diary and have been learning about lucid dreaming. Last night I had a partial lucid dream where I said to a girl in my dream "this is my dream you know" and then I got this really weird feeling and started to control my dream, I remember thinking what shall I do next? but my dream just carried on as normal and I was no longer lucid.
Wow, i didn't know they were special.

I have them all the time. I can feel my mind making up what's going to happen next. I didn't realise that wasn't normal....!


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Hi Morphine, it may be me thats not normal - lol
I'd love to be able to lucid dream all the time. Guess i'll have to keep practicing.

Do you have any techniques that make you lucid dream all the time?

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