Lucky is gonna stay on track !!!

Discussion in 'Strugglers and Restarters' started by xxluckyxx, 29 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Hello everyone
    Ive decided to post on here for a bit as i have struggled to stick to Lipotrim for the last few weeks .

    Why ???
    firstly my head hasnt been in the right place , its still not right there but i will do this .

    Second - pain ! ive had pain in the ribcage area and i wanted to find out the cause of it , was eating sensibly last week and it was only last night when i knew i had to much to eat that it hurt again . so heres to at least 2 weeks with no more pain , if it does start up while i ss again i dont know what i will do . fingers crossed hey .

    I will be catching up on everyone's posts on here and hope i get to chat to you over the next few weeks , life can be very crazy but we all have mad moments , dont we !!!!

    Heres to us ...we will succeed !!!! :grouphugg:
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  3. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Good for you recommitting Lucky ;)
  4. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Good on ya Lucky !!

    you can do this....keep us posted on your progress :)

  5. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Hey Sam we can do this, Becki was surprised I lost a lb after the week I had. She said so many people lose the plot totally.....!
    Hey I forgot to put on my thread that I plucked up the courage to try the Vanilla again, I put ice in it and was actually ok.
  6. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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  7. MissPiggyFi

    MissPiggyFi somebody shrink me

    Cambridge Diet USA
    Good luck, lucky!!

    You're almost there now... 2 weeks will fly by!!
    By the way, size 14? WOW!!!

    Go for the 12s now!! xxx
  8. westiegirl

    westiegirl Gold Member

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    Hi Lucky, good luck hun. Looking forward to hearing how you go. I'm a perpetual struggler at the moment. But from tomorrow I'm gonna be a reformed struggler lol!

    You're right, we can do this!
  9. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Thanks Fiona , really pleased although i do still feel like im wearing an 18 !!! funny how my mind cant catch up !!

    How are you doing ?
    Not long before your down here in Plymouth , we shall have to sort out a night out when your down x

    I was gonna come on here and rant tonight but im not going too !!!
    I feel a bit calmer and its not really worth the hassle of moaning .
    Work was good today , i had a review and i started to cry as things at home are starting to get to me again , but we worked thru the review and all was well , plans are in place again as my wrist plays up so they will do all they can to keep me away from certain tills !

    Went in the kiosk for an hour , was good . the lottery went down thou and i had to hold the fort !!!! which was funny .
    Next thing i knew the guy i had a date with a few weeks ago was stood opposite me !!!! my face was a picture lol .... i dont think i will be seeing him again !!!! hehehe

    The guy i was working with had a giggle too !!! hahaha

    I then got my son from Sonkies house and took him home to get him changed for football , then down to my mums to take her shopping , bless her think she really wanted to get out of the house , but i had to rush her shopping !!!!

    Told her i'll take her again on thursday .

    Will had a good time at football tonight which was good , then i came home had my 2nd shake and cooked kids tea , then i went upto the car park to see Daniel !!!!

    God it was nice to see him x
    All seems well he is on holiday tomoro and when he comes back we are going to set aside a day or night just for us every week so we can 'blossom' our friendship .

    Hope everyone has had a good day x
  10. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Ah Sarah , it is hard but its all worth it !
    You go for it Girl !!!! x
  11. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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  12. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

  13. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    To see what happens with Dan , would be nice seeing that he was the one i left oh for !!! 3 years later blah blah blah
  14. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    Yeh too right .....!
  15. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Went to my friends tonight for a bbq and i gave in :sigh: was doing so well but then there was a burger (very small ) i may add and one tiny sausage left . well i couldnt leave it there .
    Felt really bad after . im so stupid .

    Anyone got any advice on when it does get that hard , do we slap ourselves and say no more or for the rest of the night do we think , well ive done it now i may as well carry on ?????

    Work was pants today , steve popped in but never said hello :cry:

    Got to cut my nails to before i bite them off !!!
  16. Janey

    Janey Intuitive Eater

    intuitive eating
    Good luck Lucky!!! I hope it works well for you and you lose weight and don't suffer any pain. :D
  17. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    Dont blow it, just get back on track.....!
    Easier said than done.
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  19. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Thanks janey , i'll let you know on the pain , if i do get any i only have myself to blame . hope your well , how much have you lost now ?
  20. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Was doing so well mate ....back on track lol

    your so quick getting around the sites lol
  21. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Hi well i didnt manage to stay on track , but i feel like i can take a day at a time and do all i can to keep with it .

    Off to centre parks at the weekend and have to have a huge talk with the ex , on how we wont get back together and stuff cos it just dont feel right . so goodluck to me !!!

    I had a little stress out session with my daughter yesterday and although its not sorted im working on it .

    Hope everyone else is doing well , im gonna now have a little peep at some of ur threads !!!!
  22. xxluckyxx

    xxluckyxx Silver Member

    Well last night i told the ex that i didnt feel the same way as he did and he was gutted , i was waiting for the silly o`clock phone calls but they never happened .
    Today however he text and said about getting some stockings for the weekend , which i never replied too .

    No i wont be getting any !!!

    So anyhow , ive been chatting to a long time love of mine Daniel and we are now girlfriend and boyfriend !!!

    Last time this happened it lasted 5 hours im now counting down !!!

    I hope it does work . he is a good guy , just a little compilcated .

    Yes im soft but so would you be !!!! hehehe

    Diet is not happening this week , i will be back to it monday morning thou , ive been ill this week with a head cold/ sinisitus and its driving me crazy !

    Off to centre parks tomoro so cant stick to LT while there .

    Monday it will be and i will get into ketosis and stay there .

    I WILL , I WILL , I WILL !!!!!!
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