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Lucy's Atkins Diary :)


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After feeling really sceptical to begin with (how can I lose weight eating like this???!!) I am now at the end of week 2 of induction, and can safely say that this way of eating is suiting me down to the ground! Time to start a proper diary...
I have about 1 1/2 stone to lose to get to my ideal weight. The plan is to move onto OWL when I hit 10st 13lb but I'm actually feeling ok where I am now, so not feeling like it's a mad rush to get there. Second weigh in tomorrow.
I haven't binged, even on legal foods, and I haven't craved carbs AT ALL (which is frankly amazing). I'm feeling full of energy, sleeping great, my skin and hair look good and I even feel strong enough to do some exercise every morning (even more amazing :eek:). Best of all I'm enjoying food, not worrying about getting hungry, not thinking about food all the time (as I was before), not feeling deprived and therefore more relaxed and happy about everything else!
Happy days!! :D
To anyone thinking of trying this, TRY IT!! And anyone struggling in the first few days, keep at it because it will all fall into place.
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Well done starting your diary and great to hear you are enjoying it so much:)

Since i just hit my goal today after 7 months, i would agree that this is the best diet ever. We are off to france tomorrow and i am already planning to avoid french bread and croissants but splash out on moules, steak, cheese and wine. Definitely a lifestyle choice:)

Hi Lucy,
Its amazing isnt it!!! I cant get over how much healthier I feel in just two weeks. My food cravings were out of control before, my work finishes at ten pm and I would just eat takeaways and junk as I was so hungry but also tired. I thought I would miss these things but I havent even thought about them. Food and hunger used to totally occupy all my thoughts and now i find I have to try and remember to eat!


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Now they're not there, I can really see carbs as a vicious circle - tired and hungry... eat carbs... rush of sugar energy... massive slump... tired and hungry... hmm. It's no wonder we feel better!
Fantastic, isn't it? LOL. The best thing about Atkins is the ketosis - the blessed relief from maddening, tormenting carb cravings. The second best thing is the wonderful food we can eat, without having to count every single calorie!

Best 'diet' ever x


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Fantastic, isn't it? LOL. The best thing about Atkins is the ketosis - the blessed relief from maddening, tormenting carb cravings. The second best thing is the wonderful food we can eat, without having to count every single calorie!

Best 'diet' ever x
You're right about ketosis - although having done my time on VLCD this is waaaay different. On VLCD you don't feel hungry but still feel empty, with the most weird tummy gurgles you've ever heard :eek: ! I feel like I'm eating "normally" now x


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So pleased you're enjoying Atkins Lucy! Great diary! :)


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Hi Lucy. I love this lifestyle. I have to stop myself from evangelising about it most of the time. Lol. It does maker you realise how much "filler" and "fluff" you were eating instead of real food though doesn't it?
I am so glad you are enjoying it. Great to have you with us! :)


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Thanks Leanne :)
Weighed in, -1.6lb this week. Pleased with this as I've been exercising too, and definitely toned up a little and lost 1" from waist. Might up my coconut oil intake by a tsp today, see if that shifts things along!
Considering a Marmite MiM for brekky as a change from eggs.
Not much going on today, lovely lazy Sunday. It's the cat's birthday tho, Frank's 10 today, bless him! X


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Welcome Lucy, well done on the loss - and happy birthday to Frank! :D
Hi Lucy, welcome to the Atkins Diaries love. :) good luck and well done
Hi all!
Weighed in again this morning and glad I did, -1.4lb since yesterday!!! WOOSH!! Which means 7lb in 2 weeks :D Maybe it's the coconut oil?
This spurred me on to try on some of the clothes in my Bag of Shame in the wardrobe - things I've "grown out of" :eek:. Three pairs of jeans, two pairs of trousers (no muffin top ;)) and one very nice dress I couldn't zip up last week now all hanging up, one very happy girl :D
Car's in the garage today for new brakes so mooching around at home with DS, while DD is at Nanny's for the day. Going to make my first cheeseburger pie for tea, sounds yum. Cheers m'dears x
Well done! I will have to get out my suitcase of shame and try some bits on too!
Do it Jaxy! There's still quite a lot left but just those few pieces that fit have put such a smile on my face :D. I'm going to have a weekly try-on session, so potentially "new" clothes every week!! In fact some of it IS new, thing's I've bought to slim into, or things I've got from eBay that didn't fit but weren't worth the hassle of trying to send back.

On another note, I've just made cheeseburger pie - I'm soooo looking forward to tea time!

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