Lucy's diary – here I go again!

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Arbuthnott1098, 1 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. Arbuthnott1098

    Arbuthnott1098 Full Member

    I thought it would help me to keep a diary on here of how I am doing.

    I lost a whole load of weight in the run up to my wedding last year. But since I got married I have piled it all back on and more! I am really annoyed at myself but I fell into old habits and forgot all about the importance of exercise! I am now trying really hard to get back on the weight loss band wagon. It would be great to fit into my clothes again!

    So, day one is today. I went to the gym at 7 this morning and feel good and energised for the day at work. I have been nibbling on fruit and plan a plain brown roll and soup for lunch. I am so far managing to resist the gorgeous looking cake that one of my colleagues brought in! :angel09:

    week one: 13st 10lbs
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  3. karra

    karra Loser ;)

    Hiya, sounds like your doing fab so far :)

    Good luck with your weight loss u have done it before you can do it again! xx
  4. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member


    good luck with WW

  5. Arbuthnott1098

    Arbuthnott1098 Full Member

    thanks to both of you. Its the support on Minimins that helps us keep going!
  6. Arbuthnott1098

    Arbuthnott1098 Full Member

    Phew, it is so hot out there. i went for a walk in my lunch break and I am sweating loads. I went to a sports shop and kitted myself out with exercise clothes from the summer sale. No excuses now!
  7. Arbuthnott1098

    Arbuthnott1098 Full Member

    It is so hot at the moment! Its great but its very humid. The best thing is that it puts me in the mood for eating healthy food. The idea of a big, heavy meal turns my stomach when its so hot. Perhaps I need to move somewhere nice and sunny all year round?! I have soup in the fridge at work but I actually feel like ditching it for a salad! I am munching on strawberries just now. mmmmm.

    Its day 2 and so far so good!
  8. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    you are off to a great start hun

    you are right tho its far too hot

  9. Curlz

    Curlz Hiya Chucks!!

    Hiya and the best of luck with your weightloss journey..:)
  10. Arbuthnott1098

    Arbuthnott1098 Full Member

    thanks! i think with this heat I may sweat some off!! ;)
  11. Arbuthnott1098

    Arbuthnott1098 Full Member

    I got up this morning and weighed myself (naughty but I wanted to see if I was on track for WI tomorrow). I have put on 3lbs! How did that happen?! I was at the gym at 7 this morning for the third time this week. Could it be that I am putting on muscle? Scary. i hope I start to lose soon or I will get so depressed! x
  12. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    hmm a mystery hunni

    maybe try and post your food diary? and we can have a wee look over?
  13. Arbuthnott1098

    Arbuthnott1098 Full Member

    thanks – yes. its a good idea so I will start. I will put a summary at the end of each day I think.

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