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  1. LucyNewMum

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    Hi all I'm 24 with a toddler and a baby
    I lost nearly 4st in 2012 after having my son, then fell pregnant and have put back on nearly 3st

    Here to track my food, as well as using mfp.. Aiming to lose 3st by Xmas (or as close as possible, may be a bit optimistic)

    Start weight: 15st 8
    Goal weight: 11st 8 (I'm 5'9)

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  3. LucyNewMum

    LucyNewMum Silver Member

    Food yesterday:
    B- muller Greek style yoghurt (90)
    L- homemade soup, 2 bread with 2 laughing cow light triangles (350)
    S- space raiders (65) Hifi light bar (70)
    D- 2 Linda McCartney sausages, roast potatoes in fry light, carrots, cauliflower, 1 Yorkshire pudding, gravy (500)
    S- options hot choc (40)
    Teas with skimmed milk (70)

    Total calories: 1190

    Food today:
    B- muller Greek style yoghurt (90)
    L- big soup, 1 slice of bread and laughing cow light (310)
    S- wotsits (95) Hifi light (70) space raiders (65)
    D- 2 chicken burgers, cheese slice, spaghetti hoops, cucumber (430)
    S- options hot choc (40)
    Teas with skimmed milk (70)

    Total calories: 1170

    A bit of rubbish in today's food but still within calories so all good. Sticking to a max of 1300 for now on mfp, but will possible up this when I start exercising more. Recently brought a car and instead of walking the half hour each way to my toddlers playgroup I'm now taking the car daily so really need to incorporate some exercise.. I told myself I wouldn't use it for everyday walking distance trips but I'm just so lazy!


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