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Lucy's Log

Ok, the title may need some work, but I decided I wanted a place to empty my brain when I need to!
Day 4 today, all good except slight headache tonight. Nothing a couple of paracetamol won't help, and the hot choc is helping too :D
Right now I feel just like I did when I started LighterLife back in August - completely focused on this, nothing has come close to tempting me, so I'm weirdly enjoying it [while it lasts]. I'm only having 1/2 shake before work, a bar while I'm there, then soup and other 1/2 shake through the evening. It makes sense as mornings are the easiest time for me and evenings potentially not!
The only downer for me today was getting a paper cut from my credit card statement - talk about rubbing salt in the wound :mad:

Anyhoo, that's my brain emptied (didn't take much eh?), nothing I want to watch on TV tonight so electric blanket, bed and book for me :D
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You sound soooo positive - yay you

You sound soooo positive - yay you

Thanks Toots - I had a couple of months of restarting nearly every day, before completely giving up before Christmas. I really thought that was it, that I'd never be able to get that first week out the way and get my head in line, so it's quite a pleasant surprise really. Anyone struggling and thinking they can't do it, be positive and say YOU CAN! It really is all about getting the right head on x


Wants to be thin!
Well done Lucy! I'm restarting tomorrow morning after an enjoyable Xmas! I can't wait :)


I will never give up
come on lucy we can do it.


I will never give up
Yeah im gonna watch that programme tonight about the fattest man in britain hopefully that will give me the boost to get back on track tomorrow as ive seriously stuffed my face today the annoying thing is it wasnt with my fave food lol i had loadsa yummy chocs i got from my grandads heroes tin the other day but gave them to the kids yesterday as i thought im not gonna eat them then what do you know now im craving them big time.lol.


I will never give up
Right it has done the trick lol i do not wanna be like that. Although i did sit watching it eating some vienetta lol. I have tasted all temptation food today so tomorrows a new day.


I will never give up
mmmmmmmm vienetta! STOP IT!!!!
Morning of Day 5, all good. Now looking forward to walking kids to school in pouring rain, then straight to work. Hmm :(. No work tomorrow though, haircut day so a stroll around town window shopping and picnic lunch of a bar in the car. I've held off doing a sneaky weigh in so really looking forward to a good loss on Sunday morning. First thing, in the noddy, post pee :eek:
Hope everybody's coping ok, keep those positive thoughts! Ciao for now :)
haha want to hear my official weigh in plan?

Wee wipe and weigh! Im dying to see what i weigh! considering Ive lost 4" off my waist this week!!! :O


I will never give up
morning lucy have a good day.

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