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Hi all. I'm on day 3 of SS and worked it out so I would be at home for any moodiness and upset I may have. I've just made my morning hot mint chocolate and got extremely frustrated with the lumps. At home I can blend them out, but what does everyone do when they are at work to get the lumps out. Maybe a silly question, but it will do my head in for 3 months! Thanks x
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I used the shaker which got most of them out, but when I was able to switch to bars I took them to work instead and it was much easier. The shaker does well but you have to shake for ages and really hard!!


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i used to have a mug that had an electric wisk in the bottom for blending hot stuff and a protien shaker for cold stuff


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I didn't buy the shaker, but think I will get one today - I suppose it's a good one to work those muscles! I love the idea of a mug with an attached whisk! I was thinking about the bars, but doesn't it make it harder as it's over too quickly?


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Interesting! I had the butterscotch shake for breakfast y'day and it was too sickly, but I found that freezing the bricks and eating it like ice-cream was lovely. I am loving the soups though. I bought myself a big fat tea mug (you know the ones you can eat cereal in) and had my soup in that y'day lunch and dinner and it took a while.
I might try get one of those milk frother things - that might work the lumps out like a mini blender.


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I just used to take tetras or bars while at work but have now bought a handblender for work as 3 of us are doing it - haven't used it yet though as I'm still in tetra mode!

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I bought one of these and I have to say it does the job.


The only thing you need to be cautious about is if you put too much hot water in at once as it creates quite a whirlpool. I learnt the hard way and ended up with hot mushroom soup all over my hand and my car. Not a pleasant experience.

Now I add just a bit of water at a time, make a paste kind of thing with smaller volumes, then add the water. I was using a smaller cup in the car and so made up about 3 cups like this. Now I use a thermos and it works perfectly for the whole thing.

Someone on here said the beater wasn't suitable as it is designed for creating froth, not blending but I have no complaints about it. I only wanted something cheap and cheerful.
I brought a cheap shaker that was on offer in boots a couple of months ago. However the problem I had was I had to shake it so much I would make the shake warm, even when using refridgerated water ~ eww. So have gone back to tetra's for work :D


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I might go with the blender as there are 3 of us on food replacement diets at work now, so it would be worth it. Oh the choices the choices! Thanks guys! xx

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