Lumpy mousse - please help!


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I've tried making mousse a couple of times. The first time I just put the mix-a-mousse in at the same time as the shake powder and whizzed it all up. It was absolutely vile :eek: - just big lumps of gelatin in the shake. :( I managed to force down about half. :( :(

The next time I tried whizzing the mix-a-mousse powder in the water before adding the pack. This was better but still had lumps in and I managed to eat about three quarters.

What am I doing wrong? :confused: :confused: All suggestions gratefully received! :)

(At least I've finally got the hang of porridge :eek: - NO whizzing after adding husks, just stirring!! :D :D Then you don't get wallpaper paste... :eek: :( :eek: )
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What sort of blender do you use?

I use my Hinari Genie and find I get no lumps at all. But I also used my Braun stick blender before I got the Genie and found that OK too.

What I do, is use VERY cold water, add the shake powder and it just 'sits' on the top of the water for a while.

Whilst it's floating, I dump a scoop of M-A-M right in the middle of the powdered shake and then quickly blend it. No messing, just plunge the stick up and down right on top of it and stir it all around.

I do that for a good 30 seconds with the stick blender (less in the Genie) and it comes out smooth and creamy. Ten minutes in the fridge and - yum!

Problems arise when you take too long and allow the MAM to 'stick' to the sides of your mixing container or to the blender itself. That's why I do it fast before that happens.


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I use a Bamix stick blender and water from the fridge, and I'm probably being a bit too gentle. ;)

Tonight I'll put the water in the freezer for a few minutes first, and be more agressive!! :eek: :)

Thanks for your help!! :D :D

(If that doesn't work I'll get myself a Genie.... :) )

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I mix my MAM powder in the packet of shake powder so that it is thoroughly blended and then add it to the freezing cold water and blend - always seems to work xx

Good luck hun, you don't know what you've been missing :p

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I put my water in a jug, add the shake and as RD said add the MAM and whisk straight away, If i've left it for a couple of seconds then I've had the horrible blobs too. I always put mine in the freezer though to set.


I love the vanilla shake with a little bit of nutmeg on the top or with a bit of orange water flavouring (yummy)


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Hurrah - yummy mousse!!

Thanks for your help everyone!! :D

Last night I put the water in the freezer until it started to ice up and then put the stick blender straight in after the powder, no messing, and that worked great! :D

Who would have thought you can lose weight by eating yummy chocolate mousse!!! :D :eek: :D