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'lumpy' shakes, the best way please

Hi, Ive got a LT shaker for my shakes which is fine, apart from trying to get the flippin lid off (expecially in my weakened state - lol). Everytime I make a shake I end up with brown lumps of powder (only have choc shakes). Is there a knack to it. I put the water in the shaker then tip the shake in, then shake like crazy.. whilst presently I would love to eat something, I do not want these lumps :D

Whats the best way to do your shakes? thanks Lisa
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best to mix with cold water and with a hand blender - but, i can't use one at work, so i use a shaker. i have to shake for a good couple of minutes, there are a couple of lumps, but the vast majority are gone.

good luck

caren. x


I will do this!!!
I use a shaker (one people use to make up their muscle bulking shakes) and i have no lumps at all...however i do find that some of the shake powder (all choc too) sometimes collects at the spout of the shaker. I just poke it back in and shake again!
Use a hand blender to get a perfect creamy consistency - this one from Argos will do the job...

Buy Argos Value Range White Hand Blender. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .

OH NO! NO NO NO! I have that blender.
Firstly, it's HUGE! Secondly, the only time I've tried to use it and NOT been covered in food mess is when I made a huge pot of curry and could submerge it near the bottom of the pot. Of course, I may not be using it properly but man I hate that ugly phallic thing taking up my cupborad space.

I use a celebrity slim shaker and it does the business -same as Pizzle - powdery pout (hehehe) but push it in, and shake shake shake senora. The BEST way though is in a blender with ice! mmmmmm

I'm on my way to make an iced vanilla latte dont you know. :D
Sorry but my LT shaker does the job fab for me, and the Argos hand blender has been aces too!

YOu do need a bit of welly with the LT shaker but i've never had lumps. Great for the bingo wings too i'm sure ;)
LOL -See an upside to everything on this diet. LOL
absolutely - there's a bright side to almost everything in life!


Loves the jobs you hate!
Ive just had my first shake (day one :)) and i used a bowl and a normal hand whisk.
There was very minimal lumps, i think that because im a chef, and ive spent 14 years perfecting my whisking action. lol
My partner also started today, she will need a shaker for work, which we forgot to pick up from the chemist yesterday :(
off to buy a smoothie maker/blender today, as its been suggested that we crush ice with our shakes.
I would reccomend the milk frothers that you get from ikea (or most places) they are about £3, silver, and have a tiny whisk on the end. This will get a smooth finish, and it battery operated, and small enough to fit in your handbag/etc (approx 5'')
Hope this helps :)
Crushed ice is great for the shakes, I agree.
I stick my cubes in the empty LT packet and bash away with the bottom of my (heavy!) glass.

Great tip about the Ikea whisk though - I'm off there tonight so will look out for one. I'm going to buy a bookcase, so clearly will come back with piles of other stuff i don't really need, lol :)
I got a cheapo blender from Tesco for £9 :)

I found my hand blender thingy like the one from Argos just got me covered :rolleyes: lol

LiSe Xx
thank you all, I do have a hand blender so will give it a try - much appreciated. Lisa (who I may add is finding TFR hard today) I
thank you all- I do have a hand blender and will give it a go on my next shake (oh the excitement!!) Probably end up having to suck most of the shake out of my clothes, but hey, it may taste better LOL ... thanks Lisa
I have one of the Magic Bullet type Thingies, Sat in the cupboard for a year or so, I am SO glad I never Binned it.

No Mess. no Washing Up. (Just Hot Water and Blend).

Really good for shakes, and chips Ice so Real Cold Shakes to.




Loves the jobs you hate!
Just got back from Asda, all excited, as we found a blender/smoothie maker for £6! Plugged it in ready to try our 2nd shake... and it doesnt bloody work :(
Had to mix them by hand, as both starving, and will go back and swap it later. Poo!

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