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Lunch - am i correct?

I've Just had the tastiest lunch in months and I'm actually full! Can I just confirm that I've done this correctly and it's syn free?
2x quern sausages
4x Rashers (all fat cut off)
1x cherry tomato
1x small tin Heinz spaghetti in tomato sauce
1x boiled egg
Half a melon
Big slice of pineapple
Is all that syn free???
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dreamer1989 said:
Suasages arent syn free, neither is bacon
You are on a red day, right?

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Bacon with fat cut off is syn free on red days... I think the quern sausages used to be free but are now very low syns. Sounds yummy though :)
I only joined on Thursday.
I've to do extra easy for 4 weeks and according to the book I got these things we on the free and super free pages. Have it wrong?


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BuzzyBee said:
Did you mean Quorn sausages? Quorn sausages are free, as far as I know and so is lean bacon with all the fat removed on red and extra easy.
Quorn sausages are 1 syn each now, they altered the recipe :(
Yah sorry I meant the quorn sausages.
So All my lunch was free? Wow this is only day 2 and I'm totally learning but I can see why people rave about SW!!
I just hope it shows on the scales next thurs!
Thanks for you help!
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The new quorn sausages are synned, the ones in the older packaging which are still available in some shops are free (just to confuse you more lol) The new synned ones have a gold badge on the front which reads "best ever".


A determined Bear
S: 14st13lb C: 14st7.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.63%)
They are definitely worth half a syn!
If you wanted some different veggie option sausages:

Morrisons Meat free Lincolnshire: 0.5 syn
Morrisons Meat free Hot Dog: 1.5
Asda Meat Free Glamorgan: 3
Asda Meat Free Lincolnshire: 1.5
Tesco Meat free Glamorgan: 5
Tesco Met free Lincolnshire:1.5
Tesco Meat Free hot dog: 2.5
Tesco Meat free cheese and sundried tomato: 1.5
Sainsburys meat free hot dog: 1.5
Vegi-Deli Lincolnshire: 2.5
Vegi-Deli Pork style: 1.5
Realeat meat free: 1.5

These values are all per sausage, just looked up the values in syns online. So actually, the Quorn ones are the lowest values! And they're quite big and filling too :)

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