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Lunch Box Ideas, for adults!!

Many of us work full time, and whilst maintaining our weight it is hard sometimes to keep new ideas going for lunches at work, so instead of going and grabbing a sandwich and a packet of crisps, and in some cases a pasty I wondered if people would like to share what they take for lunch to work.

Mine tomorrow...

Tin of low cal soup
Wholemeal Pitta
Cottage cheese 1% fat with pineapple
apple and banana

Not very exciting, hope someone has some good, and inexpensive ideas x
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Well I take a CD soup......what I'd like to take is a wholemeal pitta and a pot of houmous followed by a piece of fruit.

I often make a pasta salad for my DD to take to school, wholemeal pasta with mushrooms, peppers, onions, corguettes and sweetcorn sometimes bits of bacon too then all cooked through with tomato puree.
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A tub with a portion of Alpen in (tea break - I never have time for breakfast) and may be some fruit. For lunch cup-a-soup, ryvitaa with tuna paste and soem carrots or celery.


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Most days I will take half a bag of pre prepared salad (either a lettuce mix or a carrot and onion mix), a yogurt - normally a muller light and a granny smiths apple.

Cereal bars are a good idea, home made pasta salads are a good idea, soups are a good idea, what about fruit salads too?


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I tend to make up a couple of big pans of soup on a weekend, and I add rice vermicelli so that I don't need to have bread. I freeze it and take it for my lunches during the week. Each portion is less than 200 calories, even with the noodles in it, but they are pretty filling.

I know it can be difficult to find the time, and I'm single and childless so I have time, but really, two big pans of soup probably takes less than an half an hour of actually standing in the kitchen actively cooking, and I know I'm having healthy low fat food made entirely from fresh ingredients.
Nuts are generally a good option for a snack, though they may appear high in calories they're a nice slow release carbohydrate so will leave you feeling full for longer. Also they have some healthy fats in them which is always a bonus!

Any high omega-3 fish is a good option as well. Tuna sandwhich from brine or ideally spring water on wholemeal bread, with a small amount of phillidelphia to replace the butter is an ideal option. Also peanut butter is high in protein and as long as you get the right one can be very healthy!

Why not try some home made cereal bars, plenty of recipies online and keep you occupied while you do it over the weekend! Make enough for the whole week and keep them in a tuppaware container. Many people dont like certain ingredients, and like others, so you can try different ones each week. Throw some dried fruit in or nuts, or go a bit crazy and buy some chocolate protein powder and mix some of that in. Adds a nice flavour while packing extra protein for added muscle regeneration!

:) HTH


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i have soup or some sort of pasta mix. I love making wraps to but i'm not sure there as great as soups o salads.
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I make butternut squash soup with spices it's thick and filling with no fatty cream just veggies then a couple of apples and maybe some salad


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Slice of ham/ small tin of tuna/ slice of turkey/ slice of chicken

with salad:lettuce, red onion, beetroot, peppers, sweetcorn (variety is key-mix it up..use rocket instead of lettuce some days, watercress, fresh herbs like basil which goes well with tomato!) I also like red and white cabbage. Raddishes are nice too, grated carrot over the top. grated cheese is lovely too but don't use too much lol!! Cherry tomatoes or tomatoes quartered and chopped up. Sometimes I'll put in onions or scallions instead of red onions-think texture, colour, variety of ingredients when making a salad!
Tuna nicoise salad is lovely-it's just tuna, boiled egg, green beans, lettuce, olives, sliced tomatoes (I dont put on dressing on it!)

If you make stir-fry the night before, then you can bring it into work and heat it up in microwave.

Home-made soup-put it in a Thermos flask to keep it warm and heat up in work microwave.

Piece of fruit/2 wholegrain ryvitas as dessert/snack are optional :)
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Love this thread! I'm a primary school teacher and just started Slimming World before the school holidays, so didn't have much time to worry about lunches to bring in. Before starting my diet I used to bring a sandwich in most days, will definitely be on the lookout for some inspiration for nice tasty filling lunches! Love all the ideas on here so far :)


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I tend to eat my big meal at lunchtime and then a smaller dinner so I usually get an M&S micromeal from the low fat range. Expensive but it's worth it for me - I find having any choice in what I cook/make leads me to make naughty choices ;)


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Have always found lunches the worst - especially at work.

I've gone onto a shake/meal bars diet as I find it much easier to control what I eat, but for my lunch snack i've started having prawns and salad - really filling and a great way of getting some omega3 etc.


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Anyone have ideas for lunches for drivers please? Other half is following plan with me but we're struggling on lunch ideas TIA
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I just buy a lettuce, some peppers, some tins of sweetcorn, and a cucumber at the beginning of the week, and have that with whatever meat i've got kicking around - a cut up sausage, some leftover chicken, etc. Good thing about these veggies is they go off much slower than if you buy a bag of pre-prepared salad! Cheaper too!

If you don't fancy the meat, half a tin of beans in tomato sauce with sweetcorn (I buy it from Sainsburys. Comes in a black tin. Can't remember the name, sorry!) does the job.

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