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Lunch ideas

I have been making little sheperds pies at the weekend in plastic tupperware tubs. They are about the size of half a dvd box and about 50cms deep. Perfect, 3 or 4 mins in micro. Or mini lasagna, mini spag bol. Actually anything. Or sometimes i make a batch of couscous with roasted peppers, shallots, peas, celery, chilli. Then cook some quorn sausages the night before. Refrigerate and then slice thinly and add to the couscous. Lovely lunchtime snack. I could go on forever here.
Thanks :)
you have so many great ideas - i have just gone part time at work so can go back to uni so should have more time now to be able to make small meals to freeze batches maybe x
I tend to have big lunches and smaller dinners. I'm always really hungry morning/lunchtime then I can get away with having something light at dinner. My top tip is whilst your cooking your dinner - make your lunch. For example... if I'm having salmon and veg for tea. I'll either cook extra salmon for a salad the day after.... or put a chicken breast in at the same time to use. Or if I'm making pasta make extra, had different things into each and different dressing. Easier during the week when time is an issue... then at weekend I go all out :) xx
I'm a big fan of sandwiches! if u make them with brown bread, a think smear of low fat spread, n a tasty filling theyre not that bad for u.
most of the time I don't have access to use a microwave anymore :( with being at uni- so i am really struggling now to make anything that is satisfying (not salad- although i do like it now and again) any help would be great :D
I like wraps made with just the lettuce and sandwich meat (no actual wrap-bread). It actually packs and holds up really well, and there's a lot you can do with the variations. I always try to make extra with dinner as well so I can pack left-overs for lunch the next day.

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