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Lunch Ideas


will be size 10
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Hi. I have zero point tomato soup ( i put the recipe on the w.w recipes thread ). Sometimes i'll have sandwiches but i use the flora extra light butter, and i quite often have a small baked potato ( 3 points) with prawns. Welcome to minimins.xx


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Thank u for ur reply, i will take a look, love tomato soup too. wow ur doing r well, well done u! I like the ticker how do u get em???? x


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Ryvita w/tuna or cottage cheese
Small tins of pasta shapes/beans
Loads of veggies chopped up and served with a really small amount of dip (make on yourself with low fat yoghurt and seasoning) or low fat hummus


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hey,I would have 2 nimble slices of bread (half a point each) with no butter but a small tin of beans - works out at 3 1/2 points. Or John West do a thing called light lunches - its tuna with pasta and different sauces, they range from 3 to 3 1/2 points and are delicious..... the packaging kinda looks like cat food, but I promise its delicious! lol! I try to have biggish lunches though so I dont get hungry before dinner and snack!


will be size 10
S: 19st12lb C: 21st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 47.3 Loss: -1st10lb(-8.63%)
Thank u for ur reply, i will take a look, love tomato soup too. wow ur doing r well, well done u! I like the ticker how do u get em???? x
hi thanks. You get them at tickerfactory.com


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hi, just joined. wot a fab site. Im looking for filling low points lunch ideas. I cnt have bread without butter so trying to not have sandwiches or toast, but am lost for ideas, had pitta with ham and salad 2day but wudn't want it everyday Gem xx
Hi Gemma, dont want to seem like a stalker but are you from the bounty website?? :)


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Need some lunch ideas!

That do not involve a sandwich....

I would really like to move away from having a sandwich at lunchtime but am really quite stuck at what to have.

What do you guys have for lunch?


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Today my lunch was a mixture of salad with some low fat coleslaw and thin slices of beef. Yesterday i had a prawn pasta with chopped up salad.
I am also trying to stay away from sandwiches as i want to see if cutting out bread helps with my weightloss.


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hey am stuck for ideas too. at the minute all i seem to eat is fruit scrambled eggs and beans, or soup! gonna get bored very quicky if i keep this up! would love some ideas too xxxxxx


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I mostly have soups at lunchtime - either homemade or the weight watchers ones. I only make simple soups such as spicy veg or butternut squash as I dont have time to faff around with 2 small kiddies! Or, I have toasted pitta with low fat hoummus... If I'm out and about I tend to just have a sandwich though. cx


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Monday and Tuesday its normally home made soup made on Sunday. Wednesday and Thursday is normally whatever was for dinner on Tuesday (i make extra and make it something suitable to reheat). Friday I normally buy something so a Pret salad or a ready meal.


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ive at soup a couple of times this week with a few slices of ww bread! but ive found that it doesnt fill me up for long and im hungry in an hour or so!

on monday i had rice with chicken and a wee wee bit of curry. was filled up for hours!!!!!


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I quite often have Ryvita Sesame crisp bread with laughing cow deli light blue cheese with sweet chilli sauce. It's delish and surprisingly filling.
Or I make a salad and mix tuna Mayo in and have that with some Ryvitas.x


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My new fav lunch is 50g Cous Cous made with vegetable stock 5pp. I then chuck in loads of salad veggies. Cucumber, peppers, spring onion, tomato, radish.... Adore it! I might chuck in some chicken or a boiled egg next week to get some protein x


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Dutch crispbreads and healthy living pate, or tuna pate.

Butternut squash soup... Try the curried recipe from website, it's lovely and 0pp for 1 serving!! Yum yum


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Pasta salads are a life saver. When I make my tea at night, I have a pan boiling an extra portion of pasta which I leave to cool, and have for lunch the next day. I use the Asda Kids range of pasta, it's smaller pieces and seems to go further - 40g of this (dry weight) cooked and mixed with chopped peppers, cucumber, some chicken/quorn/tuna, and a squeeze of low fat salad cream or some ketchup - 7pp for a really filling lunch and it's way nicer than a sarnie..! :)


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I have home made point free soup or ww tinned soup with toast. melba toast with cottage cheese (i LOVE cottage cheese even when I'm not dieting) or Philadelphia Light.
Sometimes I make a salad with ww cheese slices, some ham, some cottage cheese and kraft extra light garlic n herb dressing.

finish with a ww yogurt and or fruit.

I tend to low point during the day so I can have a bigger dinner and some evening treats which is when I struggle.


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Hello everyone - im going to nick lots of these lunch ideas :) I struggle at work too - no cooking or warming up facilities or canteen etc... Most days I have a wrap, the discovery multiseed ones are 5pp each but much bigger than the ww ones, I fill it full of babyleaf salad or pea shoots + some chicken, tuna or ham. Really filling and tasty.

Tricia x

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I'm a soup girl and try to stick to less than 10pp do u can have a big tea but 2day I fancied a change so boiled 40g brown rice (4pp) grilled 2slices ww bacon (2pp) then did some peppers, mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and half a chilli in a frying pan with 4squirts fry light (1pp) then a dash of soy sauce (1pp) drained the rice mixed it in with veg and bacon! Was absolutely gorgeous! And didn't start to feel hungry til around half5 and I ate it at 12! Was great for only 7pp but do takes time! X