Lunch ideas?


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lol i get the same too hon! at first i actually got sick of jacket potatoe . but there are a few things u can eat for lunch. me personally i like to eat crackers with a cheese triangle (laughing cow light) or ham salad pitta bread . i also like prawns salad. i like most of the weight watchers soups. and love chicken wrap with lettace and tomoto. im sure the others can you give more ideas and better ones at that lol . i like mostly bland food so i dont have sauces etc . xx


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I eat lunch at work a lot- so I try and make it easy.

At the moment because of the weather it's all soups for me.

Maybe try cooking a bit extra at dinner the night before and having it the next day or a WW microwave meal with steamed veg?


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I have soup a lot, either homemade or shop bought. Just had the wild mushroom Covent garden soup that is 1.2/100 fat, so is well within the rules and lovely!


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Wholemeal pitta with ham and salad for me usually, or soup with a slice of wheaten.



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I'd love to make a big batch of soup and freeze it, but our freeer is already full and never seems to empty! We have a tiny tiny kitchen so making and creating food isnt much fun, which is a shame because I love cooking.

Have had a tuna JP and salad for lunch today, Prob have the same tommorow aswell then after that will invest in some soups.


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Mugshots? Toastie? Pasta salad?
My favourite at the moment is tikka stuffed pitta bread- its precooked tikka chicken out a bag in the frozen section of morrisons and then lots of salad! If I'm feeling generous I'll make some rita to go with it. X


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I had seafood sticks, homemade marie rose sauce and a salad pitta today. What about weight watchers bagels and some low fat philli (I think of of them is 95% fat free).