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Lunchtime service. Menus. Opinions pls


I ate my willpower!
Hi everyone

After discussions on here and with friends etc, I have decided to launch my lunctime delivery service. I have devised some menus as follows:-


Mixed Vegetable and Pasta salad 1.99
Couscous and roasted vegetable salad 1.99
Potato Salad 1.99
Gammon Salad 2.25
Hot Cajun Chicken Salad 2.25
Warm chilli chicken salad 2.25

Hot Meals
Lentil Dhal 1.99
Chinese noodles 1.99
Quorn Goulash 1.99
Double pasta lasange 1.99
Slow cooked creole chicken 2.25
Chicken New Yorker 2.25
Honey and Rosemary chicken 2.25
Slow cooked beef hotpot 2.25

Quorn, leek and potato 1.50
Roasted tomato 1.50
Classic butternut squash 1.50
Carrot and fresh coriander 1.50

The prices are a guide at the moment as I still need to do the full costings. The idea is that lunch orders are place before 10.00am ready for lunctime delivery. Bedford is a really small area so logistics is not a problem. Thanks for looking and please don't be afraid to be honest!
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In it to lose it
wow my mouth is watering. The only thing I would say is make sure its manageable for you to do. I know a lot of stuff can be frozen but..... Also it might be worth looking at insurance and to label everything with the nut warning.


I ate my willpower!
wow my mouth is watering. The only thing I would say is make sure its manageable for you to do. I know a lot of stuff can be frozen but..... Also it might be worth looking at insurance and to label everything with the nut warning.
I already have the liability insurance sorted and I will check everything in rgds to alergies. I am just starting off with friends and taking it from there.


Just follow the plan
Good luck with it Space x
Can you deliver to Hampshire??? That sounds fabulous!!!
Good luck with this Hun and I am sure you will do really well.

Are you going to offer all those choices, every day? I could see you running round like a blue a*sed fly! lol I think I would start with 2 red and 2 greens under each 'type', and then if it takes off, folk will think 'WOW' when you double the choice a few weeks from now.

Everything also seems too cheap! But I know you know what you're doing with regards to proper mark ups, so if you're sure then....

.....when are you franchising North of the border ;-)
What a great idea! Wish I had thought of it. You're so clever!


I ate my willpower!
Thanks guys! I am thinking about looking at a once a week delivery service all over the country. So you would get a weeks worth of supplies (chilled ready for you to freeze) on a certain day of the week every week. My hubby used to be a transport planner so I am going to look and see if it's possible.

For example if there were 10 people in Birmingham who wanted meals, it would be worth it.


I ate my willpower!
Having had a chat with Hubby and we would need at least 5-10 people from each area. So, if you attend your meetings or know friends etc that are on SW, you can let them know that they can order 7 days of meals ready to be frozen so when they come home from work etc, all they need to do it pop them in the microwave. I can email you a sample menu. The prices are a guide, I will need to do proper costings but I can't see them costing much more and there will be a small delivery charge of about £5 (again, the more people in the area having meals delivered, the cheaper the delivery charge)

The meals are ideal for people who are on SW or "diets" in general.

I will be getting the dishes tested and tasted by member of my group so I know they will be tasty and they will be a decent sized portion too!

No orders need to be placed yet or anything, just see if any peeps are interested or not. I will be able to deliver the meals to their homes or places of work, so long as they are in the same area/town.

Just for reference, I have liability insurance and a Hygenie Cert. I have also registered with Environmental Health. :D
This looks great and I'd for sure be ordering some if you delivered to my area. It'd obviously be much easier for me to order it on the day rather than a week in advance though! So I wish I lived in Bedford! I'm not sure it'd be an easy sell to ask people to order a week's worth in advance, but it'd be very easy to tell people that for £2, you'd deliver a SW friendly, tasty, slimming lunch to their work place. Or home for tea!

I'm not sure if you've done this already, but it might be worth checking out your competition. I'm not aware of any organisations that deliver meals suitable for Slimming World, but there are a number who deliver calorie controlled meals a week at a time... the theory being that you don't have to cook anything and you will loose weight because the total food calorie intake is low.

Here's some websites for you to have a look at that currently offer this service:

Body Chef
Diet Chef

There's probably some more but I'm sure you can have a mooch and find them.

Good luck with it all!



I ate my willpower!
Thanks Northernboi. That was something that I was thinking about in the long term!

I have just come back from group and I have asked a few of the members and more are interested in a weekly rather than daily meal service. I have 2 definites already!

I will keep you all informed! But remember to ask at your groups for me for the weekly service!

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