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Lupus, Sjogrens and breast cancer!!!

I am writing here in desperation! I have an awful lot of medical problems and for the best part of my days I just get on with things .... I hope that doesn't sound like I'm being a martyr because I'm not honestly I'm not. My middle son is my carer and we go shopping everyday as he pushes the wheelchair. Lots of people outside say how cheerful I am considering everything and my son says this is how I am. :) I have severe Lupus, Sjogrens syndrome, fibromyalgia, oesteoarthritis, oesteoporosis, degenerated disc desease, angina, lymphodema (very bad in my legs. Blood has seeped through the veins and they are badly blistered and sore. It has gone up to the inside of my thighs where I often get cellulitus) I do see a specialist about my legs but have not had much luck. I have had two major strokes and five mini strokes, I have sticky blood and have to take warfarin for the rest of my life. Then to cap it all .... I had breast cancer 2 years ago. I had to have a full radical mastectomy, taking the whole of my left breast, a lot of muscle and around the side aswell. The lump was 2" when they measured it! :eek: I had to have radiotherapy everyday for quite a while. I also have to take medication for five years and I couldn't have chemotherapy, which might have helped more because of the Lupus and the rest of my medical problems I could quite possibly die. But I have got on with things and have not moped about it or said "why me". After all it has to happen to someone doesn't it and who's to say I'm better than anyone else!!!
But a lot of things are starting to bother me. When I had my strokes, the first when I was 37 it was very bad and I had to re learn to speak properly and to try and walk with a frame. I had to learn how to write properly. I worked ever so hard. Then two years later I had another one, just as bad. The same thing happened again. I had to start to learn all over again
. Then having those mini strokes didn't help. I am having terrible problems with my memory. I have always laughed it off when I forgot something simple or got words mixed up sometimes, my doctor who I had then was absolutely brilliant and came out to my house to see me. She explained about some of the brain cells dying off when you have had a stroke, but your brain adapts to this and uses other parts of the brain. But now I'm really frightened (and this is the first time I have said it) my memory is shot to pieces. I get the most simplest of things mixed up or I can't remember the proper name for something. It is very bad and I just don't know what to do. My other doctor has left and we changed to another practice and was just getting used to her when she left in Feb to have a baby and wont be back until Oct. Her stand in said it was down to my medication when I briefly mentioned it to her. So she's no help. I am on a lot of medication and the pain relief I have to take is unbelievable. I am on morphine and other pain relief aswell as tablets for all my other problems. But another main issue for me is my weight. I have put on masses of weight since I have been disabled. I have been in a wheelchair for nine years, and I do try and move about a bit but it's impossible. I don't know what diet to do and am really fed up! :cry:
I am so sorry to have gone on so much, But thank you for listening to me if you are still there! Lol.
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I am so sorry to hear of all your problems Golden Girl, how have you been getting on this last month? Has your doctor been of any use to you since? How's the pain relief? I am thinking of you!
Many thanks for replying to me Faustina, I was beginning to think nobody would bother with me as I'm such a moaner!! lol
I have been quite poorly as I had a bad fall 2 weeks ago. I was in the bathroom in the middle of the night, and had used my frame to get about instead of the electric wheelchair. I was washing my hands when all of a sudden my right leg buckled, and I fell backwards over the toilet (good job the lid was down lol) and fell in a heap on the other side of the bathroom!!! Ooww was I in pain .... I didn't know what to do. I called out for my hubby, and he and my younger son came running to the bathroom and just about managed to open the door as I had landed behind it! I couldn't get up on my own, so my son and hubby had to pull me up and I am no light weight. They managed to get me to my riser recliner chair and I had to take medication for the pain! This is not the first time I have fallen and now when I go into the bathroom I don't lock the door! :rolleyes: After a couple of days my right arm was really painful and when I looked in the mirror I saw this huge bruise at the top of my arm on the inside. I felt it and it was extremely painful and it has a small lump in it! :sigh: Things are pretty bad at the moment, and I shall phone the dr's in the morning to see what she has to say!
Other than that ..... I'm fine!!! :D