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"Primary Lymphoedema - and abnormal build-up of protein-rich fluid in the tissues caused by an impaired lymphatic system."

In this weeks Woman there is a very good article on how a woman called Sarah Thomas, from Surrey who has Lymphoedema in her leg and surgery was of little help to her. Next she was given a support stoking which went all the way up to her thigh and it was of little benefit to her.

Eventually her GP referred her to a specialist at St. George's Hospital in London, who recommended a new treatment. She was fitted with a full-length stocking which was so tight and uncomfortable, but after three days of wearing it she swelling went down and and the fluid began to drain off her leg.

Her leg is still very swollen but nowhere near what it was like before and she wear the support stocking to control the swelling.

This is an inspirational story and if you want to know more you will find it in this weeks Woman Magazine dated September 25th, 2006...Jordan is on the front cover. or contact Jackie Hatton for further information [email protected]
Are u a lymphoedema person too? My lymph nodes coming out of my leg were damaged by radiotherapy so my leg doesn't drain by itself...I'm going to go get the magazine right now! My doctor thinks I have about 2 stone of excess fluid in that leg alone
After I had a lumpectomy for breast cancer ten years ago I started to get lymphoedema in my left arm (apparently a common side effect). The lady doctor I saw at the hospital because my Surgeon was on holiday started at my neck and really dug into my lymph glands. When she got under the affected arm I thought I was going to pass out with the pain. But she completely drained my lymph system and showed me what to do if I had any more problems. It was amazing what she did and I am so glad I met her because I have since seen people with terribly affected arms after breast cancer,
Hi Heva and Redpam,

I don't have it but I came across it last year in a local paper and at the same time a girl on DH had a sister who was diagnosed with it.

So when I seen the article this week it reminded me and I thought I would put it up here for our members to read.

I have heard that it can be a side effect to radiation.

Heva it would be great if this stocking worked for you?

Redpam, I am a great believer in massage and dry brushing for the lymphatic system.

Love Mini xxx


I've come accross lymphodema management techniques. Don't settle for 'it'll never get better' until you have tried to reduce it.
Good oncology centres should be able to put you in touch with a local service. Or try ringing the Maccmillan Nurses, any well know cancer charity,or your local hospice. There are a few well recognised techniques available as far as i know. Primarily manual drainage (massage and pressure) and bandaging. The stockings are a version of this. They can all be effective at reducing the size of the limb and maintaining comfort.

Any ladies with swollen limbs out there. Don't give in and suffer.:eek: It may take a bit of effort but dig out some help!