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  1. LynseyLou

    LynseyLou Full Member

    So I'm back again! 3rd time lucky on Cambridge.
    Slowly been creeping up To my heaviest weight and know that as food is my addiction I have to cut it all out.
    2nd time around I fell pregnant with my little girl whilst on CWP and lost all my weight again through breast feeding alone in time for my wedding last may.
    Seems that honeymoon meant the gates opened and I can't shut them again. It's got to be SoleSource.
    Picked up my packs last wed from my fab Cambridge lady Jane ready to start today. just got back from a weeks hols with my husband and little girl in Majorca so had plenty of last supper treats out there!
    So today is C-day and I'm just thinking about what Shake to start with. I know it's going to be tough but I've got this thread and other Solesourcers stories and bits to keep me going.
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  3. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Hi sweetie good for you!! You sound really determined and that's half the battle! Plus you've done it before and you know it can work so you can keep the faith!! Hope your first day isn't too hard xxxx
  4. LynseyLou

    LynseyLou Full Member

    First Weigh in today, 11lbs off, really pleased with that lost, going to set myself some mini goals, first is to stick with SS or SS+ for four weeks, once I have that under my belt, I then want to lose another Stone as my second goal.

    I have a wedding on the 19th July so will be taking a day off there to enjoy myself and then back on track for a bit.
    If I could get another 3st off after this 11lb loss I will be a very happy lady
  5. LynseyLou

    LynseyLou Full Member

    So didnt get a chance to jump on here last week, I lost another 4.5lb.
    This week I have stayed the same. Im quite happy with that to be honest I havent stuck to it 100% (had some cheeky vodkas on saturday) and its so been TOTM.

    SO as it stands im 1st1.5lbs down.
  6. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Congratulations with good results;-) Keep going!
  7. brien77

    brien77 Gold Member

    Great loss. Well done
  8. Lydia Rose

    Lydia Rose New Member

    Well done xx
  9. LynseyLou

    LynseyLou Full Member

    thanks Ladies! just see your messages!!!:D

    So I have just been for weigh in number 4 and dropped another 4.5lbs, was really hopping to have lost 1 and a half stone but I suppose I can hit that milestone next week.

    Next weekend the 19th I have a wedding so am having the weekend off to enjoy myself and straight back on it on the Monday ;)
  10. Keep going![​IMG]
  11. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    well done, keep up the good work.xx. have a lovely weekend.xx

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