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Lynsey's Food Diary...Comments Welcome =)

Having a 'red day' today but in the end didn't have that much meat :sign0007:

Was out shopping most of the day so it was either a go without situation or give in to fast food.....I went without! :)

Breakfast: Porridge (HXB), 125ml Semi Skimmed Milk (HXA)

Lunch: Mullerlight Yoghurt

Dinner: Stew, Potatoes (HXB), Carrots, Onions, Beetroot

Snacks: Chicken, 3 Breadsticks (3syns), 3 dairylea light (HXA), Funsize Mars Bar (4syns)

Syns - 7
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Green Day today

Breakfast: 3 Slices Wholemeal Nimble (HXB), Scrambled Eggs

Lunch: Chicken Pasta Bake (Chicken - HXB, Cheese - HXA)

Dinner: Jacket Potatoes with Beans and Cheese (HXA)

Snacks: Funsize Dairymilk (4syns)
1.5 funsize mars bars (6syns)
Mini Milk Ice Lolly (1.5syns)

Drinks: Water, NAS Fruit Squash, Pepsi Max

Total Syns - 11.5
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Breakfast: Mullerlite (I slept in so didn't have time to make my bacon and scrambled egg :( )

Lunch: 56g Porridge (2 HXB), 250ml Semi Skimmed Milk (HXA), Mullerlite, Funsize Mars Bar (4syns)

Dinner: Homemade Lamb Burger, Roll (6.5syns), Cheese (HXA), Slimming World Chips, Low Fat Super Noodles

Snacks: Mini Milk Ice Lolly (1.5)

Drinks: Water, NAS Fruit Squash, Pepsi Max

Total Syns - 12
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Breakfast: 28g Porridge (HXB), Semi Skimmed Milk (HXA)

Lunch: 3 slices wholemeal Nimble Bread (HXB), 3 Bowyers Sausages (3syns), Brown Sauce (2syns?), Mullerlite

Dinner: Omlette with Bacon and Cheese (HXA)

Snacks: Funsize Dairymilk (4syns), Mini Milk Ice Lolly (1.5syns)

Drinks: Water and Pepsi Max

Total Syns = 10.5
Feeling rather proud of myself today.

Last night's dinner was meant to be peppered steaks and a jacket potato but after checking the packaging I realised they wouldn't be free so let my hubby have them and I made an omlette instead :)

Today in work I refused the usual Thursday morning roll and have taken myself off the roll rota :D

Green Day today:

Breakfast: Porridge (HXB), Milk (HXA)

Lunch: Low Fat Chicken and Herb Super Noodles, Mullerlite

Dinner: Chicken Breast (HXB), Fried Rice (Made using an egg no oil)

Snacks: Funsize Mars Bar (4syns), 3 Dairylea Light Triangles (HXA), Tunnocks Tea Cake (5syns), Porridge (5syns)

Drinks: Water, Pepsi Max

Total Syns = 14 :-o
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None other than what I had on Sunday *oops*

Although I've planned tomorrow's meals and am having carrots and beetroot with my dinner and a glass of apple juice with breakfast.

The only veg I eat are: carrots, sweetcorn and beetroot. Can eat onions and red peppers if they are diced really small and cooked thoroughly (so there's no crunch)

Can't stomach anything salad related (or mayo or salad cream) or most fruits. It's the texture, it makes me boke/retch :( I can put it in my mouth but can't chew it/swallow it. God I sound like a 2yr old but seriously I've tried hundreds of times and just can't do it :(

The only fruits I can stomach are apples and grapes but can only eat a little before it starts making me boke. I'm such a freak.
Can you eat soup? Maybe make up a big pot with veg you like and have a bowl with lunch to make sure you are getting enough vitamins?

Must be hard though, having such a food aversion :(
Oh yeh I love soup, I normally make lentil soup with carrots and spring onions in it. Have got a recipe for carrot, lentil and corriander soup that I'm going to try too.

I didn't think of that, I could just take a little cups worth or something each day with lunch/dinner. Thank you :D

I also forgot about raisins, I like raisins, are they free? I could add them to my porridge?
Friday 27th - Easy Extra

Breakfast: 1 slice wholemeal bread, toasted (HXB), Scrambled Egg

Lunch: Jacket Potatoes with Reduced Fat Cheddar (HXA), Tunnocks Teacake (5syns)

Dinner: Carrot, Lentil, Onion and Corriander Soup followed by Lean Cut Steak, SW Chips, Carrots, Beetroot

Snacks: Funsize Dairymilk (4syns), Funsize Mars Bar (4syns)

Total syns = 13
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Breakfast: 28g Porridge (HXB), Semi Skimmed Milk (HXA), Raisins

Lunch: 2 Bacon and Egg Rolls (15syns)

Dinner: Carrot, Lentil and Onion Soup
Gammon Steak, SW Chips, Spaghetti Hoops

Snacks: No Added Sugar Jelly Pot
Beetroot Slices
Funsize Mars (4syns)

Syns: 19
I lost 3lbs this week :D So pleased!

Breakfast: Porridge (5syns), Semi Skimmed Milk (Half HXA)

Lunch: Brown Roll (HXB), Dairylea Light (Half HXA)

Dinner: Carrot, Lentil and Onion Soup
Shepherds Pie, Peas, Carrots, Sweetcorn and Beetroot

Snacks: Sugar Free Jelly, Quavers (4.5syns), Mini Milky Bar (3.5syns)

Syns: 13
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Trying Extra Easy all of this week, last week was a mix of green, red and extra easy days and resulted in a 3lbs loss. Fingers crossed I'll have similar results this week.

Breakfast: Mullerlite

Lunch: Brown Roll (HXB), Dairylea Light (HXA), Chicken Mugshot (2syns), Quavers (4.5syns)

Dinner: Gammon Steak, SW Chips, Egg, Spaghetti Hoops

Snacks: Low Fat Chilli Chicken Supernoodles, Funsize Mars Bar (4syns)

Drinks: Diet Irn Bru, Pepsi Max, Water

Exercise: 2 x 15/20 min walks with the dog, 30mins on exercise bike

Syns = 10.5
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Breakfast: Brown Roll (HXB), Scrambled Egg, Mullerlite

Lunch: Low Fat Chicken Supernoodles, No Added Sugar Jelly Pot

Dinner: Jacket Potatoes, Beans, Reduced Fat Cheddar (HXA)

Snacks: Quavers (4.5syns), Funsize Milkyway (4syns), Funsize Mars Bar (4syns)

Drinks: No Added Sugar Squash, Diet Irn Bru, Pepsi Max

Syns = 12.5
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Breakfast: Porridge (5syns), Semi Skimmed Milk (Half HXA)

Lunch: Low Fat Chilli Chicken Noodles, Mullerlite

Dinner: Homemade Burger, Brown Roll (HXB), Cheese (Half HXA), SW Chips

Snacks: Funsize Milkyway

Drinks: Diet Irn Bru, Pepsi Max
Breakfast: Porridge (5syns), Semi Skimmed Milk (Half HXA)

Lunch: Chicken Mugshot (2syns), Brown Roll (HXB), Dairylea Light (Half HXA), Mullerlite

Dinner: Chilli Chicken Noodles

Snacks: Little Milky Bar (3.5syns)

Drinks: Diet Irn Bru, Diet Pepsi

Syns - 10.5 so far
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