Mac79 - Diary to 2nd mini-goal


I reached my first mini-goal yesterday. I hit 3 stone loss and 1.3lbs at the beginning of week 10. I originally wanted to get there for boxing day, so I am ahead of the game. YAY!

I have now set a second mini-goal. This one is tougher so I am going to try and keep this diary as motivation.

My second (not so) mini-goal is to reach a BMI of around 30 so I can take my police fitness test. It is my birthday on 04/02/07 and on the closest weigh in day I would like to hit that BMI. This means about a 33kg loss in 7 weeks :eek: but if I can stick to the plan and do regular gentle exercise and guzzle loads of water I should be able to get there. I am half a stone out or thereabouts I will be happy.

It is going to mean consistent effort and no nibbling, no wobbling and no lapses into my historical bulimic behaviour. It is gonna be a tough one - but I'll get there bit(e) by bit(e).
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Not dieting ATM!
Hi Gemma

I'm in Great Dunmow not so far from Colchester!

It is fab to have lost this weight, I recognise myself again now. Psychologically it has made a big difference too.

Dizzy x


Loves VLCD's !
Well done Gemma, that is brilliant going ! I am sure you will get to your next target too, you sound motivated and determined. Let us know how that police fitness test goes !


Day one down of the strict ss'ing. I think (hope) that I have entered into a new frame of mind. I have a tougher goal to reach but if I stick to the rules I can do it!

Just settling down to work (although clearly not as I am on here) with a steaming cup of my favourite double chocolate coffee. (calorie-free) Heaven in a cup.

Spoke to mum last night and she has lost 24lbs at the start of week 4! I am so pleased for her. We will keep each other going over Christmas.