Macaroni Cheese


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Marshalls Cheesy Macaroni (in the blue box) is FREE on a green or EE day :)... its absolutely gorgeous and a massive size portion. That was one of my faves on SW.... that with grated cheese as one of my HEX

Make sure its the Cheesey stuff though (boxed not tubs that you add water to like Pot Noodles) and the Saucy variety isnt free

Marshalls Foods Limited - Scottish Pasta
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The lowest syn I can suggest is a homemade one on a green day using both HEAs. Here's what I do

Boil some elbow macaroni, while its cooking heat up 250ml semi skimmed milk in a saucepan, mix 1 tbsp cornflour (3.5 syns) and stir well until thickened. Season with salt, pepper and a bit of fresh grated nutmeg. Grate 42g reduced fat mature cheese and stir half of it into the white sauce. Add to the macaroni, stir well and pour into a baking dish. Sprinkle with the rest of the cheese and bake for 30 minutes on 180C until golden brown on top.

An even easier method is to make up a packet of batchelor's pasta & sauce (mild cheese and broccoli) and you can then transfer into a baking dish and sprinkle with cheese and bake as above.

If you grate the cheese on a fine microplane grater it goes a loooong way!


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Bachelor's Pasta n Sauce cheese and broccoli is 0.5 syn

ORRRR... I cook lots of plain pasta then add my HEa Laughing Cow Light triangles and a little bit of pasta water until it goes all goopy and cheesy. Syn free so long as you have a HEX free!


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thanks for the good ideas


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Half a pot of Quark mixed with a raw egg and 42g low fat cheese with loads of salt and pepper makes a nice free cheesey sauce for pasta.


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Bachelor's Pasta n Sauce cheese and broccoli is 0.5 syn
Sorry to correct you Vixxster, but Batchelor's Pasta n Sauce Mild Cheese and Broccoli is free (on green/ee- using just water)!! Good news!!
Also they do a Macaroni Cheese which is just 1 syn for the pack and it's reallllllly yummy!!!X


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I love this thread! Macaroni cheese is (another) one of my achillies heels. I bought the Pasta & Sauce once last night on the off chance that it was low-syn - hurrah!


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i love macaroni also, its definitely my favourite food mmmmmmm!!!! Does anybody know if Sainsburys do a low syn microwave one, as i fancy one for lunch and thats the only shop ive got near my work. xx

ps just had a look online and looks like its just the canned one at 5 syns or the chilled one at 6 syns.


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I remember in the olden days tinned macaroni cheese was free on green!! I think they've changed that because they're pushing the healthy eating a lot more nowadays and it probably wasn't that healthy! LOL! Corned beef used to be free on red days too which I always thought was a strange one- surely all those white bits were fat?!!X