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  1. ellaye

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    Calorie Counting
    I'm not doing Atkins as such (well, I am following the basic premise but I've done it before and I know I lose on a slightly higher amount of carbs than the Atkins induction) but I'm keeping my protein & fats high and my carbs as low as possible.

    This is the average break down. Does it look about right?

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    Personally I always like to have more fat and less protein. However this is at approx 1700-2000 cals. If you are having much lower cals then might not be appropriate! Do watch protein tho - stalls for some people
    10% carbs is my maintenance level but I am very carb sensititve
  4. ellaye

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    Calorie Counting
    I try to keep to around 1800 calories, although I know that Atkins isn't a calorie focused diet. But I like to keep an eye on them as well as carbs, just to remind myself that eating cheese is ok! Lol. But as long as my carb/fat/protein ratios aren't entirely out of whack, I'll stick with them for now. :)

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