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made a bad day turn into a bad week :( Only wk 2!

And i know it!! I only started two weeks ago, had a fantastic loss last week of 5.5lbs. However, after that it went a bit pearshaped.

I am a student nurse and on placement at the minute, which means horrible shifts..some days im hungry, some days im not.. and some days I dont get time to eat! I know this isnt the way forward, but I joined on a monday and have to miss this mondays WI as I have a 14 hr shift.. I think me knowing that I didnt have to go to WI on monday has chucked me overboard, and I havent really been planning this week as much as I did on my first week.

I cant get to WI until Wednesday morning, and with it being valentines day this weekend im having a chinese, boiled rice and chow mein. Its my own fault if I gain as I havent planned.. :sigh:

I know its a change for life so I shouldnt be feeling like this, but I do feel like a failure!! lol. Sorry for the long winding post on a saturday morning!!

It feels better to have gotten it off my chest. :) x
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I know exactly how you feel. I had my first weigh in this morning and lost 5lbs. been good all day and have just eaten 6 cupcakes!! I dont normally have any syns, so I am hoping I can balance it out! just get straight back on it, dont give up!!


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Gosh...just reading this..you both sound so like me! I do need a “treat” once a week.. something to look forward to. I know it is quite a controversial subject (treat night after WI). But it is what keeps me going! I get weighed in the evenings and don’t get back until late. I prepare a healthy SW meal and eat that first, then my husband always buys me chocolate or cake. I am in this for the long haul, I know If I completely cut out high sinned food, I would go out and binge on it.. then I would not go in and pay to be told I had put weight on!! Then the cycle continues.. Joining SW again a year later, 2 stone heavier!
Think long term weight loss.. You don’t gained stones by one binge! A consultant once told me, as soon as you realise you have slipped, get back to it right away, not in the morning/next week but immediately!!
Soontobeslim- it must be hard when working shifts. I know as a mum, it often feels like I am working shifts too! When you are tired, it’s easy to reach for convenient foods. I prepare veg ready for a stirfry or quick risotto. My fridge is full of ready prepared fruit- tupperware full of blueberries, pineapple chunks, grapes that I can munch on or pop into my handbag if I pop out!
Good luck with your weight losses